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At Jobscience, we’re all about keeping up to date on the latest research and insight into recruiting and applicant tracking. That’s why were were so excited to be featured in an ebook from, an inbound recruitment platform. The ebook is called “Top 50 HR & Recruitment Articles of 2014,” and features a rundown of the best ideas in the industry over the past year.

Jobscience President Miranda Nash wrote an article for that was featured in the No. 2 spot in the Recruitment and Sourcing articles section, called “3 Lessons Corporate In-house Recruiting Organizations Can Learn from Staffing Agencies.”

Jobscience has unique insight into how the worlds of corporate recruiting and staffing agencies can intersect, and we were happy to share these findings with the recruiting community and have it recognized in this ebook. In the article, Nash talks about three things companies can learn from staffing agencies to revitalize corporate recruiting strategies.

  • Position-based recruiting is a thing of the past; it’s better to recruit based on relationships.
  • Learn from the structure at staffing agencies and create teams with specialized roles and responsibilities
  • Since talent is a product at staffing agencies, they have a deep understanding of the connection between candidates and overall revenue.

You can read the full article on

The recruiting landscape is always evolving, and this is an especially exciting time to be in the industry. We are proud to have our insight featured in this publication alongside these great contributors, and we’re looking forward to spending some time reading their ideas as well. There is a lot of information in this ebook, from articles about technology and future trends management and leadership tips.

We strongly suggest checking out the ebook for yourself. Visit to download your copy.

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