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How to Make Your Applicant Tracking System More Alluring to Candidates

Jeremy Staffing

While applicant tracking systems are a boon to employers because they boost productivity and save us tons of time, for candidates they are a bane for the most part. No one likes to think about being parsed by a piece of software to determine their worth – yet that’s what resume sifting does. One important thing to consider when you’re considering adopting or replacing an applicant tracking system is the candidate user experience.

There are some things you can do to improve the experience and make your ATS more alluring to the high quality candidates you want applying to your open positions. Here’s some thoughts:

#1 Make Yourself More Attractive It’s true that you get more flies with honey, but you don’t want flies – you want good people that are worth hiring. To get them interested in the job, you first need to get them interested in your company. You can do this by developing a career page that’s inviting and gives prospective employees a glimpse at your company that shows you at your best. And your applicant tracking system itself should be customized to be as inviting as possible and push your employer brand.

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#2 Customize Your Automation It’s also true that when it rains, it pours and in these days of high unemployment, a single job posting can see you flooded with literally thousands of resumes. To sift these, you’ve got to have automation and for those that make it to the next round of consideration, automatic notification is a necessary evil. But what you can do is customize your automated responses to seem as human as possible. Customization can be done to amp up the simulated humanity so you keep interested candidates intrigued and ready to stay in the funnel.

#3 Reply to Everyone It’s true that silence is golden, but not when it comes to knowing what’s up with the job you applied for. As a candidate, submitting your resume can be frustrating, particularly when you don’t hear back. An automated polite decline can help nurture a fond opinion of your company. This can be important because in the age of social reviews, a bad tweet about your hiring process can turn off qualified candidates. Sending out a short missive saying they’re not a good match and encouraging them to apply for future positions is preferable to dead air from a candidate perspective.

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#4 Nurture Non-Hires It’s also true that all’s well that ends well, and you want to make sure thing always end well with qualified candidates you don’t hire. For potentials that weren’t hired due to poor timing or another transient issue, you would be wise to keep them in your pipeline. To do this, you can automate periodic communications to check in with them using your applicant tracking system, keep them in the loop on what’s going on with your company and invite them to check your career page or postings for positions they may qualify for. This can keep a great candidate interested in your company and open to future employment.

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