How to find success in your staffing firm

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Staffing firms have unique needs when it comes to business. These companies provide a service that matches the right talent to the right position. This means they need to manage client relationships, draw in new business and find the right talent to meet these customers’ needs – no small task.

In addition, the number of firms are growing, which means staffing firms are dealing with an increasing number of competitors. Annual sales for the staffing industry has been climbing steadily year over year, reaching $122 billion in 2013, according to data from the American Staffing Association. There are currently about 17,000 staffing companies in the U.S., operating 35,000 offices.

What can staffing agencies do to set themselves apart?

Like any business, staffing firms need to differentiate themselves from competitors. Yes, you help companies fill positions, but what really sets you apart? Do you you aim specifically for one industry over another? Maybe you specialize in attracting companies that have a high volume of spaces to fill. Maybe you specialize in tracking down specific talent areas. Determine what makes you unique and highlight it.

Know what you need
At the heart of this business, you are seeking out talent on behalf of clients. Doing this effectively can make or break your company. You need to maintain high-level knowledge about the kind of talent you need. Having the right staffing software can make a significant difference in performance. A CRM-based staffing platform enables you to keep customer and job seeker information in one place, which makes it easy to determine what customers need and quickly use this information to seek out talent.

Find the right people
Anyone can fill open positions with a warm body. It’s another thing to find someone who is engaged and performs well even over a short-term period. Finding these individuals is a challenge. According to Undercover Recruiter, one way to go about finding the best short-term talent is to find people who are passionate about the industry and will do whatever they can to learn more. How is your organization reaching out to these candidates? Does your recruiting software have mobile and social recruiting capabilities?

Managing customer relationships
The best staffing companies have great relationships with their clients. This means they consistently and quickly provide these enterprises with staff that meets or exceeds their current needs. Truly savvy staffing firms can reach out to customers before they even talk about their staffing needs. If you know what kind of job seekers they’ve looked for in the past, you can match new talent before they even reach out.

Staffing firms have a unique position in the recruiting sphere. Being truly successful means differentiating your services, having the right tools, and having a deep understanding of what your clients need.

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