How staffing software empowers lead management

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Staffing agencies are unique in the sense that they help their clients seek out the most talented candidates, but they share common ground – and a nearly universal paint point – with many other organizations: lead generation. In fact, a joint study between IDG Enterprise and the B2B Technology Marketing Community on LinkedIn found lead generation is the No. 1 goal among marketers in 2015, KoMarketing wrote.

Leads drive expansion
One of the most important ways to achieve business growth in a staffing organization is to make sure there are a certain number of potential clients in the pipeline. The problem in many organizations is that departments are held in silos so that information is rarely, if ever, shared between marketers and the sales team, for instance. The most effective staffing firms take an across-enterprise approach to lead management to enable each member of the workforce to meaningfully contribute to the process of driving business growth.

Meeting of minds
One solution that marketing news source ClickZ recommended is having those that handle lead generation – usually sales reps and marketers – to sit down and collaborate. During this process, both stakeholder parties need to come to an agreement when looking at both marketing-qualified leads and sales-qualified leads. Meanwhile, using a tool like Chatter enables multiple stakeholders across an organization to collaborate using social tools for sharing ideas and insight.

Here are a few questions to consider:

  • What consumer data points drawn from the marketing campaign are most valuable to the sales team and will allow them to increase conversion rates?
  • What should the monthly waterfall chart look like to make sure the sales team isn’t facing a lead drought or, conversely isn’t inundated with prospects?
  • What balance must be struck between lead generation and nurturing existing clients?

With increasing frequency, staffing agencies are able to turn to software solutions to answer these questions and foster a clear strategy that allows for clarity in the lead management process.

Create a transparent lead generation workflow
The most powerful staffing software will give organizations total visibility into their customers’ progress from lead to prospect to account to client. Specifically for staffing firms, it’s critical that everyone involved in managing leads and client account has access to CRM information, whether they’re using a desktop, laptop or mobile device. Always on, sales reps can see where they stand with client inquiries and placements to ensure every account is managed with the utmost care and attention.

A solution delivered through a single dashboard provides staffing firms with the greatest functionality on the way to breaking down silos and increasing collaboration.

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