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How Improving Onboarding Can Make Your Company Better

Jeremy Staffing

Whether you’re the new hire or the company doing the hiring, the recruiting process can be exciting. But that glorious momentum can hit the brakes if your onboarding program is paper-driven and takes forever. Why go to all the trouble to pinpoint stellar new talent if only to disengage them right out of the gate? Instead, consider making your onboarding oh-so-much better with an automation tool like Jobscience Onboarding.

Here’s how improving your onboarding can make your company better:

[title size=”3″]Make the Most of Your Resources[/title]

You didn’t go out looking for a new hire only to waste their time filling out duplicate info on form after form for hours and hours. You also don’t need to waste your HR pro’s time having them input that info over and over again into various systems. By using Jobscience Onboarding, your new hire enters their information just once instead of on every form and then it can update your payroll and benefits systems automatically so you can get your new employees doing what you hired them to do as soon as possible!

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[title size=”3″]Make Compliance Efforts Easier[/title]

With increased attention on immigration issues and the new I-9 with amped up enforcement, it’s more important than ever to stay in compliance. Jobscience Onboarding allows you to easily capture documentation for your I-9 that automatically attaches to their employment record, but is stored in the cloud – safe and secure. From there, compliance reporting if you’re audited is easy to generate to prove that you’ve been following the rules so you can avoid fines and penalties.

[title size=”3″]Make Sure Training Is On Track[/title]

If your company requires different training sessions as part of onboarding, it can be easy to lose track of who has done what and what elements are still lacking. But Jobscience Onboarding allows you to automate messaging to notify both trainers and participants of instruction required and to track progress to ensure that all requisite training is accomplished. This can increase employee engagement, ensure you get optimal performance from your new hires and get them off to the best start.

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[title size=”3″]Make Them Feel Welcome from the Start[/title]

It’s always a little uncomfortable being the new guy (or gal) at the office, but one of the best ways to shake this off is to assimilate immediately. This means having office or cubicle space ready, having a computer set up, login credentials ready, company smart phone activated, parking and security pass approved and all that minutiae necessary to get up and running. Jobscience Onboarding can trigger automated messaging to request everything your new hire needs to be up and running on day one!

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