Hot Social Recruiting Tools You Need to Start Using Now

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Social recruiting has become the leading way that today’s recruiters connect with quality candidates. In a 2012 Jobvite Social Job Seeker Survey, it was revealed that 92 percent of employers are using social networking to source candidates. Likewise, high numbers of candidates are looking to social media as a way to land great career opportunities, with 88 percent currently having at least one social media profile.

More than half of all employers surveyed are successfully combining their other recruitment efforts and email marketing to candidates with social networking  to find their best candidates, so this is a growing trend that is expected to continue. While there’s no one right way to use social recruiting, there are a wide array of social media tools that recruiters can turn to make this process more efficient.


Social Media Recruiting Tools – What’s New?

Here are the latest social recruiting tools you should consider using now, in order to get the most out of social media for recruiting.

LinkedIn Company Pages –  Recruiters now have even more options when it comes to posting open assignments and vetting candidates, thanks to enhancements made to LinkedIn. Now, recruiters can facilitate the creation of a full business profile page that allows them to post branded information about the company, including upcoming career opportunities. This free resource can be combined with the popular group job posting feature that LinkedIn provides, for seamless recruiting and candidate management.

Facebook Social Jobs – Quietly rolled out at the end of 2012, the world’s largest social network, Facebook, unveiled a strategic partnership that gives access to millions of job seekers and recruiters alike with their Social Jobs app. Candidates can use a simple interface to search jobs, and recruiters can use one of several social recruiting and communication apps to advertise and promote jobs. This is also linked to the popular Facebook Marketplace, which has been a starting point for many recruiters.

Pinterest – When one thinks of social recruiting, it’s hard to imagine that a social network that was originally designed for women who like to scrapbook would become a growing source of recruiting support. Yet, according to recent statistics provided by the fastest growing social community, the site registered more than 7 million unique visits in just the month of December 2012 alone, up from 1.6 million in the previous quarter. While still predominantly female, users actively use this platform for researching profiles of niche candidates for recruiting reasons.

Open Web ( – Long known for its huge community of information technology professionals, is taking it up a notch with the roll-out of the new Open Web tool. Part of the recruitment package offered in beta for now, Open Web taps not only into an advanced database of Dice’s job seekers, it also combs through all the popular social networks and forums where the best IT professionals are to be found chatting it up about the latest technology updates. This should prove to be an amazing tool in the high growth IT sector where candidates in specialized knowledge areas can be hard to find.

What does the future hold for social recruiting and HR technology?

A 2012 Towers and Watson report shows that companies around the globe are looking to spend approximately $8.1 billion in HR technology and recruitment tools as we approach 2015. Numerous social networking giants and their partners are spending an inordinate amount of time focused on developing more social recruiting and candidate management tools. Smaller companies are being swallowed up by larger technology firms, therefore it’s important to learn as much as you can about using social recruiting as part of your overall business growth strategy.

Be on the lookout for more socially focused recruitment tools that will help you manage the demands of a busy recruiting career.