Half of Employers Plan to Use Temporary or Contract Staffing

Nolan Gray Staffing

New data from the 2014 Hiring Projections Survey, released by PrideStaff, found that half of employers plan to use temporary and contract staff to help meet their business needs. The survey was conducted online and included almost 1,000 individuals in a range of industries and company sizes, and its results are available online.

The main challenges respondents identified were a shortage of qualified talent, payroll constraints, lack of time to hire and cost of hiring, according to a release. Each of these issues has a possible solution in contingent workers, especially if companies choose to work with a high-performing staffing agency.

"To thrive in today's economic and employment conditions, businesses must staff their organizations more strategically – especially if they plan to hire skilled and general labor," Tammi Heaton, COO of PrideStaff, said in the release.

Staffing firms, she went on to say, can solve real business issues for clients through cost-effective and flexible access to top talent in their industries. Staffing firms can address the issues of the talent shortage and the increasing time to hire, and should position their messaging to potential clients in this way to attract more business. Those companies that are new to using staffing services may respond to the major frustrations identified in the survey.

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