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According to Greg Savage, 2015 will be the golden year of recruiting. But only for the recruiters that can keep up with the times. One of the best ways to learn about the tools you need is to attend seminars by Greg Savage. Savage hosted the Recruitment and Consulting Services Association Acumen Speakers series and he spoke in multiple cities throughout New Zealand and Australia in February and early March. If you missed it, here are some of his insightful video interviews.

Greg Savage is a leader in the global recruitment industry, with decades of experience and work with recruitment industry start ups. He also serves on the boards of 10 companies. He was made an honorory life member of RCSA in 2004. Now he’s sharing his insight with recruiters and hiring managers lucky enough to attend the half-day seminars.

Savage believes agency recruiters have the potential to make their companies more profitable than ever, as long as they “reinvent, retool, evolve and reboot.”

Savage covered the following:

  • Modern business development
  • How recruitment is merging with marketing
  • Understanding the ‘future customer,’ candidate and client
  • E-sourcing and digital search
  • Building communities using CRM and social
  • Redefining roles in the recruitment business
  • Must-have technology

As a bonus, Savage delivered five or six key tactics that will help any recruiter build 25 percent more next year.

Jobscience and 2cloudnine, Jobscience’s implementation partner in Australia and New Zealand, co-sponsored this speaking tour. It was great opportunity for recruiters and others involved in the hiring process to learn about the tools and approaches that will be necessary to take advantage of the golden age of recruiting.

Visit the RCSA website to learn more.

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