Staffing agencies are the go-to resource for some jobs

Nolan Gray Staffing

There will always be some jobs that are hard for in-house recruiters to fill, and this is where staffing agencies can truly shine. With the right staffing software and know-how, agencies are in the best position to match talent where it is most needed. For this reason, companies are turning to staffing firms to fill the most in-demand positions.

A recent report from WANTED analytics demonstrates a shift in hard-to-fill positions and the organization suggested this change could result from more companies using staffing firms to find the right talent. The company released a report in March which found software and Web developers, as well as network and computer systems administrators topping the list of jobs companies turned needed the help of staffing agencies to fill.

New data from the company released in May reported the top 25 most common jobs posted online. Not surprisingly, this list looks quite different than the previous one. While registered nurses top this list as well, the next most common positions posted online are administrative assistants, physical therapists, and tellers. suggests the difference between these two datasets has everything to do with staffing firms. You don’t see software jobs posted online because staffing firms fill those positions instead. Companies have decided staffing firms are more effective in filling their most difficult positions, which means you rarely see them posted online.

In-demand jobs come and go. It’s hard to predict what positions companies will need within the next ten years. Staffing agencies can stay on top of employment trends by implementing better applicant tracking software tools. A CRM-based applicant tracking software is imperative for agencies because it allows them to maintain customer and employee data all in one place. This means agencies can quickly see trends in hiring and client needs and source talent accordingly.

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