5 staffing industry trends for 2015

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The staffing industry, like the recruiting industry, is changing quickly. This year is set to be a game changer for staffing. Here are some of the trends you can expect.

Skills shortage
As it becomes a buyer’s market for employees, many industries are seeing serious skills shortages. According to a survey from CareerBuilder, 2 in 5 candidates see a skills gap in their industry. There’s a consistent mismatch in the skills that employers need and those that are available. Staffing agencies are struggling to find the talent that clients need. As this trend continues, staffing agencies may have to come up with better strategies for finding talent clients need, whether it’s utilizing better staffing software or finding new job boards.

The workforce is diverse
As CareerBuilder pointed out, our workforce is more diverse now than ever. Candidates have different backgrounds, which means unique approaches may be necessary to attract specific groups. The youngest job seekers may be all over social media, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t some baby boomers out there looking at job boards. Respect that different job seekers will take approach to job hunting and use this knowledge to your advantage.

Talent pipelines
There will be a growing focus on finding and nurturing talent pipelines that can be tapped into at a later date. Given the skills shortages that exist, staffing agencies can’t afford to let certain candidates slip by, even if there’s no position open at that time. Agencies will need staffing software that makes it easy to store candidate data and reengage with this individuals when the right position does become available. And this strategy works. CareerBuilder’s survey found that 65 percent of candidates are likely to accept a future assignment from a staffing firm.

The impact of tech
Technology is continuing to transform the environment, from social media to mobile. As Staffing Industry Analysts pointed out, these new technological developments bring a change in recruiting tactics. Without mobile and social recruiting, staffing agencies won’t be able to find the candidates they need to fill open positions. According to CareerBuilder, 71 percent of staffing firm candidates have searched for a job on a mobile site. If job seekers are surfing through open positions on smartphones, staffing agencies need to make sure their application processes are mobile friendly.

Freelance economy
The number of what Staffing Industry Analysts refers to as “nonemployees” are on the rise. Freelancers, contractors and other self-employed workers are coming out of the woodwork. Staffing agencies are in a unique position to take advantage of the freelance economy because most of these job seekers are looking for short term work.

All kinds of changes will take shake up the staffing industry this year. In the end, staffing companies with the right tools will be the most likely to find success in this environment. High-quality staffing software that enables staffing agencies to combine client relationship management with applicant tracking will give these organizations greater insight into client needs and available talent.

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