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Are you ready for a rise in temp workers?

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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, temporary employment reached an all-time high in 2015, and more recent figures indicate businesses have continued to lean toward hiring temporary employees. Though numbers flattened earlier in the year, July brought a 0.6 percent increase, with the hiring rate for contingent workers 1.9 percent above the year before.

The jobs may be for limited terms, but temporary labor is only becoming a more vital part of how businesses operate and families support themselves over the long haul. Staffing professionals must be ready to support jobseekers in a market where they are more likely to be hired as short-term help, independent contractors or freelancers. Does your agency have the processes and tools in place to prepare for the ongoing spike in temp workers?

Gather business intelligence
As Marketplace pointed out, a staffing agency's profit margins for any single placement are low. Achieving success requires serving a high volume of workers without compromising their trust or that of the companies hiring them. Advanced business intelligence from a staffing software solution makes it possible to meet those tough margins while ensuring satisfaction for everyone involved.

"Advanced business intelligence makes it possible to meet tough margins."

With the right data on your side, you can optimize your staffing process, efficiently match candidates to the high number of temporary openings and keep your own business operations on track. Staffing software makes this information simple to access and understand. Customizable reports and activity dashboards put powerful analytics at your fingertips, allowing you to gain insights into how your staffing agency is adapting to a changing job market.

Always find the right person for the job
The American Staffing Association noted that labor statistics suggest employers are still taking a cautious tack as they expand their workforces. This tentative approach to hiring is one reason the nature of temporary employment has changed in recent years. Contingent roles are more likely to demand specialized knowledge, skills and experience, rather than broader abilities for administrative or light industrial work.

That makes a strong awareness of the field of candidates more necessary than ever if you are going to make the best possible match. Staffing software tools offer a powerful means to locate the talent you need. Search through internal databases, check online profiles and post listings to job boards with ease. When you cast a wide net, you're able to find a candidate with precisely the right background to meet specific needs.

Sort through the pile of resumes
When you're dealing with a large number of job applicants in a limited timeframe, you need to be able to find your way to qualified candidates quickly. Use an applicant tracking system that allows you to gather and compare qualifications from a high volume of resumes, presenting them in a format that's easy to scan. Narrow down the field using a variety of criteria, including skill sets and years of experience, so you understand why individual candidates are suited to fill particular roles.

When you have the right people in mind, consolidate all the relevant points into clear, colorful and attractive profiles you can share with a potential employer. With a click, you can present the candidate, highlighting key areas of interest like previous jobs, educational background and social media links. Employers can then offer feedback to ensure you are providing the kind of options they are looking for.

Software solutions can help you build successful, lasting relationships with job seekers.Software solutions can help you build successful, lasting relationships with jobseekers.

Build relationships
Finding a great candidate is just the beginning. From there, you build a connection that could carry through several placements. Knowing the jobseekers you help and forming communicative relationships with them allows your agency to do its job better.

It's important to be highly accessible to workers by establishing a social media recruiting strategy and reaching out to them through multiple platforms. One way to do so is making it simple to search and apply for positions posted on your job board via mobile devices. Even just contacting someone with a text message can make a major difference in building a lasting professional relationship.

Simplify workflows and reporting
According to the Staffing Industry Association Advisory Group, best practices call for thorough documentation of scheduling, payroll, expenses and assignment satisfaction. Keeping all that
information in order and accessible can be a challenge, especially if you have to maintain multiple complex spreadsheets. Fortunately, talent management software can make it far easier to collect, store and transmit important data.

You can make the start of a new job go smoothly by collecting electronic signatures for offer letters, automating the onboarding process for new employees and contacting references online. From there, you're able to easily generate timesheets and export data for payroll, invoicing and cost forecasts.

The nature of temporary work has changed, and this shift brings opportunities for staffing agencies. With the right tools, you can take command of the data and workflows that matter for your business.