AppExchange Celebrates 10 Years

Nolan Gray Staffing

It doesn’t seem that long ago, but this month marks the 10th anniversary of Salesforce’s AppExchange. We would like to take this time to reflect on how the AppExchange has not only revolutionized our business, but has completely changed the way consumers evaluate which tools would be most suitable to their business.

The AppExchange, if you didn’t already know, is the world’s #1 cloud computing marketplace for business applications built on the platform. Salesforce end users now have the ability to search, review, evaluate, compare, download and install software applications they need to help streamline and manage their entire business processes all on one platform. Consumers also have the capability of accessing these applications from their mobile device.

The time and money a company can save by downloading an application rather than spending their own resources developing what they need is game changing. There are many different application categories on the AppExchange designed for all departments in a business such as IT, HR, Marketing, Sales, and Finance to name a few.

The AppExchange gives third party developers the freedom to build, develop, customize and market their own business applications to millions of people across the globe. With over 2,700 applications, the main advantage of being built on Salesforce is the integration capabilities along with customizing these applications to fit your unique business processes.

Jobscience recognizes the value in taking an application to the marketplace while giving customers the ability to compare, test drive, and read reviews all in one place. The AppExchange allows us to do just that.

~David Brooks, VP Product Development, Jobscience

As the leading platform for candidate-centric recruitment, Jobscience understands that application connectivity is more than a feature – it’s the future. Deployed on’s platform, Jobscience’s agile solutions bring social, mobile and CRM processes to talent management, keeping corporations and staffing agencies connected with- and attracting -top talent. Jobscience was voted the AppExchange Customer Choice Award in HR and Recruiting by customers, and recently won the Brandon Hall Gold Award for Best Advance in Talent Acquisition Technology, 2015 HRwins award and reader choice finalist.

As a Salesforce ISV, we appreciate that the AppExchange provides us with a gateway for connecting customers to our business solution and a platform to advertise our products. Since it’s initial AppExchange listing in 2007, Jobscience has experienced significant organic growth and expects to continue this success in the future. We are extremely excited to see what the next 10 years on the AppExchange might bring.