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4 Ways to Improve Your Management with Automation

Jeremy Staffing

Gone are the days when there were fences around functions. HR and accounting were once bastions of data where managers and stake-holders had to wait for periodic reports or beg for ad hoc reports in the interim or for special needs. With automation tools accessible company-wide, those with permission can create their own reports, gather their own data and get the analysis they need when they need it to keep the company moving forward.

Not only is this a plus for those who need the information, but it’s a big boon to those who once provided it. HR, accounting and other administrative positions, freed of report generation and other middleman duties, can focus on helping the company accomplish its mission and thrive. This is a win-win for all parties involved. Here’s four ways you can improve management through an automated tool like Jobscience Managing:

Collaborative hiring

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#1 Facilitate Hiring Efforts

Increasingly, hiring is a collaborative effort with stakeholders involved from the department that will be using the new talent, human resources, upper management and more. By using Jobscience Managing automation, managers can set up requisitions, write customized job postings, update status of candidates after interviews and save on laborious paper shuffling and use of HR as the middleman between managers and the recruiting software.

#2 Streamline Separations

When employees resign or have to be let go, it’s the front line managers that are often most involved. With access to automation tools like Jobscience Managing, managers can notify HR of the separation and the system can send out message notification to initiate offboarding, termination of benefits, exit interviews or to notify security to collect ID badge or terminate parking permit. This can save lots of time and ensure nothing falls in the cracks.

Exit interview

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#3 Drive Efficiencies

With access to reporting, you empower managers to take control of their hiring efficiencies. With access to recruiting reports, you can pinpoint which recruiters are responsible for finding your best talent, commonalities of high performers in hiring reports to inform future recruiting efforts and more. With flexible reporting capabilities, Jobscience Managing allows instant access to employee data analysis they need to drive efficiencies.

#4 Improve Workforce Planning

Managers need to know when their employees will be at work, which staffers have maxed out their sick days and who has to burn two weeks of vacation ASAP. If everyone has vacation days piled up that have to be taken by fiscal year end, a manager could be surprised by having no hands on deck with little notice. Tracking paid time off, sick and personal days is made easy by Jobscience Managing. This automated tool can make planning a no-brainer.

If your company relies too much on paper-driven processes, centralized reporting with limited access and has a few key personnel jealously guarding precious information, you need an overhaul. Consider Jobscience automation tools featuring Jobscience Managing to give your managers access to the information they need when they need it without barriers. See how great it can be recruiting on the world’s #1 CRM. Try a free Jobscience demo today to see what we can do for you!