3 Must Read Tips for Recruiting for Start Up Businesses

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As online jobs take the forefront of success, it’s easy to see the opportunity clearly presented by start-up tech companies. As we continue to grow virtual offices and employees, more tech innovations will take the forefront to manage, train and monitor virtual employees.

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If you’ve been considering breaking into this recruiting game of start-up new hires, you’ll need to understand how many of these companies work.  Often founded by friends, they operate under a skeleton crew (i.e. Turntable had 9 employees in the beginning) until venture capital become available.

Here are a few of our best tips you’ll need to advise your recruits of:

Prepare the recruit for potential business failure.
45% of tech start-ups will last less than 6 months.  If they last 9 months, they’ll make it at least one year.  Since most new business in general fails within 5 years, this shouldn’t surprise you.

While these jobs hold unlimited potential for the employee, they also hold such a substantial amount of risk; taking the job can be scary.  Unfortunately, they are not for someone who needs stability in their life (i.e. having a wife at home with three kids and a sizeable monthly mortgage requires career stability, yes?)

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Some disorganization and flexibility is normal.
Working for a start-up can mean cleaning the bathroom, taking out the trash or jumping in to answer the phones.  It’s not unusual for each of only a few employees to jump into several roles they’d never normally help with in a large company.

If a recruit can’t roll, and we mean yoga flexible roll, with the punches, they will quickly become frustrated with the ever-changing environment of a start-up company.  Even the rules are as solid as quick-sand and can’t be relied on as branding develops, let alone job function.

They won’t always like their job or boss.
Most likely, the founders of the start-up are hoping to grow the business and sell it.  (Groupon was offered 6 billion by Google for their company.) What does that mean?

Bosses change when the company changes hands.  As a long-term career path, keeping this job means not liking who’s in charge as circumstances change … but maybe with the next, next transition things will get better. The ability to get along with everyone for a new recruit is paramount.

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If your business is considering recruiting for start-ups, you should note the top roles: online app development, electronics development and mobile app development.  In other words, highly technical web development and IT will be the primary focus.

Of course, this field can be among the most difficult already to find qualified, friendly people in.  Add on a layer of socialization, concept and every-changing job roles and, well, you can see exactly why the pay-off, for those who make it in tech start-ups, is huge.


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