Why Salesforce Lightning is a game changer for recruitment

Jeremy Products & Technology

As the leader in CRM software, the Salesforce platform offers rich ground for development and integration. Following the launch of the new Lighting Experience, it's the perfect opportunity for businesses to find fresh ways to bring essential processes together. If your organization already uses Salesforce, or is considering switching over, there are a wide range of benefits to choosing a recruitment solution made specifically for that infrastructure.

Jobscience brings together the functions demanded by staffing agencies and corporate recruiters alike, offering an advanced applicant tracking system, plus features for sales and back office. The solution is fully integrated into Salesforce, with the Winter 2017 release optimized for Lightning. By selecting a recruitment software that's built specifically for Salesforce integration, a business gains the following advantages:

1. Empowering recruitment

First and foremost, integrating Jobscience with Salesforce means major opportunities for stepping up recruitment initiatives in a fast-paced and competitive job market. Recruiters need the tools to sort through a large pool of candidates with ease and efficiency, picking out the individuals with the necessary skills and experience to fit specialized roles. With applicant tracking software in place, they can search internal databases for the right applicants and present their information to hiring managers in an attractive, standardized format.

"Integrating Jobscience with Salesforce means major opportunities for recruitment initiatives."

With the Winter 2017 release for Lightning, recruiters and hiring managers are equipped with even more powerful tools. The solution offers capabilities for scheduling meetings and interviews, managing emails and editing resumes. When key information and functions are tied together across the system, it opens new possibilities for improved workflows and outcomes.

2. Syncing data with ease

By making recruitment a part of the Jobscience data ecosystem, hiring managers and recruiters can share vital information with the rest of the organization. Business documents, client information and resumes are securely stored and readily accessible for use in a variety of applications without spending the money on external storage. Organizations make the files that matter for every team more visible and even create custom apps to suit their unique needs.

In addition, by utilizing a shared database, Salesforce users are able to import and export large quantities of data across multiple applications. That agility in data management can be a big help for keeping recruitment aligned with other teams and activities. The new release of Jobscience for Lightning eliminates future headaches by making migrating data for future updates straightforward and undemanding.

3. Providing an integrated user experience

A cloud-based recruitment suite built on the Salesforce infrastructure makes it possible to incorporate all activities into a unified experience. Team members gain access to front, middle and back-office tools with a single login. They can record notes throughout all phases of sourcing and interviewing candidates, making relevant information and insights available via both desktops and mobile devices in an instant.

With a broad base of tools available from a single platform, staffing professionals and hiring managers get a solution that meets the demands of their industry and bolsters their strategies. Options for sourcing, mass mailing, collaboration and social recruiting are all in one place, minimizing the clicks necessary to get through the day's tasks.

4. Connecting through communities

The Salesforce Community Cloud is a way to bring businesses together with partners and customers. When paired with an integrated recruitment solution, it's also an effective means for communicating with job applicants and building a brand. Businesses can post job openings in their communities, simplifying the work of sourcing candidates and gathering resumes.

Jobseekers gain a window into their application status and the ability to update their personal information as necessary.  In turn, the community serves to market the organization's strengths as an employer, attracting high-quality candidates with a customized appearance and chances for interaction. The community can even serve as the primary interface for handling tasks like time entry for temporary employees and maintaining relationships with third party contractors and vendors.

JobscienceIntegrate the processes of completing time sheets and invoices for temporary workers.

5. Streamlining back office processes

Working within the Salesforce system, Jobscience makes back office operations run smoother with centralized control over important administrative tasks. In addition to using the community for gathering timesheets and expense reports, the organization can automate the approval processes and other functions. For instance, a staffing firm may set multiple commission plans based on various types of placements and institute a tiered percentage structure. The back office also generates invoices on a manual, semi-automatic or fully automatic basis.

Centralizing recruitment operations with powerful tools yields improved results for staffing agencies and hiring organizations. By fully integrating those staffing software functions into Salesforce, the improvements for efficiency and ease of use become even greater. The Winter 2017 release of Jobscience transforms the way businesses source candidates, manage applicants and handle back office operations by drawing on the CRM software they're already using.