What Should You Expect from Marketing Automation?

Nolan Gray Market Trends, Products & Technology, Staffing

Using marketing automation for recruitment is an appealing proposition. The ability to find and manage leads without human involvement at every step is a powerful one, but some recruitment consultants may not have thought far beyond it. The benefits of marketing automation integrated in recruitment software are many, and include an increase in more qualified leads and an abundance of data. Marketing automation can also free a smaller organisation from several of the more mundane tasks of marketing, which can contribute to the overall return on investment it offers. Here are a few things marketing automation offers that recruitment consultants can use to see these benefits:

Carry Out a Defined Process
In many ways, marketing automation software for recruitment is only as good as the process the organisation has created to use it. Marketing automation software can do amazing things for recruitment, but first it’s necessary to have key employees come together and decide on a few necessary points.

One of these is market segmentation. It is important to know the pain points, aspirations and needs of each segment of potential buyers – not doing so means not using marketing automation solutions to their fullest potential.

Another important process to determine upfront is how the marketing automation software will interact with an organisation’s sales team. Leads are very useful, but only if they end up in the right hands – and even then, only if they are properly nurtured. Creating a way for leads to flow sensibly is a must for every recruitment organisation looking to use marketing automation software.

With the right processes in place, marketing automation solutions can perform remarkable feats. They can also collect valuable data, which is the next point.

Compile Critical Data
Marketing automation systems can give recruitment organisations a window into their target buyers and current marketing efforts that is hard to get anywhere else. Data can not only help sales teams do their job more effectively in the short term, but it can also create better marketing plans for the future. Learning more about buyers leads to better segmentation and campaigns – which in turn lead to more leads and more data. Using a marketing automation system without taking advantage of all the data it can gather about behavior and campaign performance is a mistake, especially when the best systems make that data so easy to find and use.

Recruitment organisations should also determine what kind of data they need to gather and for what purpose. Ideally, they will find a system that covers all of their needs and use it to its fullest capacity. This may include SEO performance data and information on how well paid campaigns are working, both of which are essential marketing metrics. It may also mean getting a very clear picture of buyer behavior over the long term, further refining and improving the marketing the system automates.

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