The Importance of Integrated Sourcing

Nolan Gray Products & Technology, Staffing

Sourcing requires a large and varied set of tools. Finding the right candidate can seem nearly impossible if your sourcing efforts aren't efficient and comprehensive.  Without searching across every available source of talent, recruiters are missing out on entire candidate pools. And without organizing these many efforts, all of the strategies in the world will not create an efficient process. With the right techniques, however, top talent is simple to find. Here are a few ways to strike the right balance:

Go Where the Candidates Are
Writing a great job ad is a vital step in sourcing – but it's just the first one. Getting the ad out to where the right people will see it is equally important. Recruiters shouldn't limit themselves, but should take advantage of posting in several places, from social media and company careers websites to several third-party job boards. This includes posting on mobile, as increasingly more candidates use their mobile devices to find and apply for jobs. The more eyes land on a posting, the more likely it is that the right person will apply.

Use Available Social Tools
Finding a candidate's profile on all the major social networks can be a serious advantage. Not only can recruiters get to know their candidates very well this way, but they can also take a peek at their professional networks through sites like LinkedIn. Maybe there is another ideal candidate hiding in someone's professional contacts or friends lists – the only way to find out is to look. Getting serious about social media research can help recruiters improve their sourcing by leaps and bounds.

Get Organized
With all of the tools and strategies that are necessary to improve sourcing and find the right candidates every time, it's easy to get overwhelmed. Recruiters need a system that will organize their efforts and keep them useful. A strategy without unity will be counterproductive in trying to achieve efficient sourcing. Recruiters should use applicant tracking software that concentrates on developing relationships and cuts across several platforms to give an integrated sourcing experience.

This is the culminating step in creating an integrated sourcing strategy. Without organization and targeting, recruiters will find their sourcing efforts scattered and of no real use. Integrated sourcing means finding great candidates – wherever they are.

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