Social Networks and Marketing Automation: A Powerful Match

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How often do recruitment consultants consider the robust benefits of social media paired with marketing automation to drive recruitment? In today’s digitised world, organizations have a unique opportunity to leverage social channels to gain insight into the ways potential employees discover an organisation and how they respond to recruitment strategies. As many as 94 percent of recruiters use or plan to use social networks to attract new talent, according to the Association for Talent Development. At the same time, social networks are sources of substantial data sets about prospective hires, meaning recruitment organisations have a chance to learn about them and develop more targeted automated campaigns.

Social Sleuthing
Job seekers are not only using social media to display themselves to organisations looking to hire, but they’re also using the platform to perform research, explained Katrina Collier on Winning Impression. It’s a two-way street. So much of effective social recruiting is presenting an accurate portrayal of a company’s brand and culture. Alongside job seekers, recruitment managers need to ensure they’re sending the right image and message to potential new hires.

Especially on sites like Facebook, it can be difficult to tell what exactly a recruitment manager is sharing. Posting policies and privacy agreements tend to change quickly, which influences how much is disclosed. Are there any controversial posts that are better left locked up? Does the profile picture show the recruiter behaving irresponsibly? Just as recruitment organisations scan social sites for similar content when reviewing a recruit’s social footprint, companies need to keep in mind that social networks are a marketing vehicle to attract job seekers.

Meanwhile, social sites are fundamental sources for recruiter data. This information should be a part of any marketing automation

The Power of Marketing Automation
There’s no question about the future of marketing automation. CMS Wire cited a study from Frost & Sullivan, finding the market for this type of software will likely reach nearly $2 billion by 2020. In many departments, employees are expected to perform additional tasks and assume more responsibilities. Marketing automation software makes it easier for a workforce to complete many of the more redundant tasks with greater efficiency and speed.

This idea bleeds over into recruitment in that organisations can display themselves to prospective employees using automated responses to communicate with job seekers based on the specific pathways they follow to discover a company and job opportunity. In other words, marketing automation allows organisations to set up triggers that customize content for specific actions that recruits take. Other things like follow-up emails can be done more quickly and accurately.

With the benefits of marketing automation placed in the context of social media, recruiting managers have the tools they need to outperform their competitors.

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