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3 Ways to Make Contingent Workers Feel Valued with Better Recruitment

Jeremy Products & Technology, Staffing

While it’s difficult to nail down a precise number, a 2015 estimate from the U.S. Government Accountability Office suggested that around 40 percent of the U.S. workforce was engaged in contingent labor. Businesses and staffing agencies rely on these individuals to fulfill flexible demands for labor and keep costs under control. While a particular job may be temporary, it’s important to keep in mind that positive, long-term relationships with skilled, hard-working individuals are always valuable.

Hiring professionals have a major part to play in forming and maintaining connections with contingent employees. With powerful staffing software and a commitment to engaging with job candidates, human resources specialists and recruiters can establish fruitful relationships. It all starts with a hiring process that makes people feel valued. Here are 3 ways to make that happen:

1. Establish a talent community

“An organization makes its recruitment efforts more efficient by forming an online community.”

An organization makes its recruitment efforts more efficient and rewarding by forming an online community as the first step in connecting with potential contingent employees. Using a job board as a starting point to develop a wide-reaching talent network, hiring professionals gain an advantage whenever they need to source talent. An organization can populate a database of great contingent workers, making it simple for candidates to submit their information.

A centralized location for recruitment activities offers chances to put forth an appealing employer brand and market to prospective workers. In turn, the applicants can take advantage of a fast process that includes visibility into their current status. Recruitment software can even make the community a hub for handling tasks like time entry, payroll and compliance.

2. Make matches fast

Part of valuing contingent workers is respecting their time. HR departments and staffers show that respect by making the hiring process as fast and direct as possible. An automated matching system can make all the difference connecting an organization with exceptional employees for just-in-time recruitment.

The key is an auto-scoring system that makes it easy to see the top candidates for a position at a glance. Taking into account customized criteria for experience, skills and education, staffing software can save both recruiter and applicants a great deal of time. An automated reply system can act right away, sending a polite rejection or an invitation to set up a phone screen.

3. Connect with workers

The time hiring professionals save on reviewing applications can be redirected to engaging with new employees. By minimizing the time spent on talking with people who don’t meet the company’s minimum requirements, interview processes can become more effective. Being there for contingent workers to answer questions and ensure they get off on the right foot might be the beginning of a highly productive relationship.

Temporary and gig workers are an increasingly essential part of how businesses of all kinds operate. Taking the time to nurture these relationships can make them more beneficial for all stakeholders in the long term. Jobscience brings hiring professionals the tools they need to streamline sourcing, make their interview processes more effective and free up time for really getting to know employees.