Leverage Your Applicant Tracking System for Better Placements

Nolan Gray Products & Technology, Staffing

A staffing company’s applicant tracking system is a foundational tool. The potential of a good ATS solution goes well beyond having a place to put resumes and contact information. ERE.net suggests it’s necessary to see an applicant tracking system as a tool like customer relationship management software. This means staffing professionals should make a point of leveraging ATS data to create and sustain relationships rather than only using the system as information storage. Some applicant tracking systems emphasize this function out of the box, but unless the staffing agency uses it with this distinction in mind, those features may not provide as much value as they could.

Know What Information Your ATS Provides
Staffing professionals should use applicant tracking or customer relationship management systems to get key information, which won’t work if they don’t understand the capabilities the software has. This may include retrieving information about candidates like personal contact details, location, skills and so on, as well as the status of their application. This is all very important to know, particularly status. Professionals seeking someone to fill a contract must be sure the people they choose to contact are available, for example. There is also other data applicant tracking systems can give professionals, from colleagues’ comments to interview notes. Making use of these capabilities will mean an easier search for the perfect candidate to fill a contract. However, failing to use available data can make the process laborious.

Customize Your Approach with Data
Using data pulled from the ATS, staffing professionals can create a short list of candidates they would like to contact for a particular job. Once that task is complete, the next step is to determine what to say and how to get in touch. Will these candidates respond best to phone calls? Emails? This is likely to vary, and information about past contacts from the ATS itself can help professionals make this choice. What to say may depend on which roles candidates have held in the past. It also hinges on what the client needs, which customer relationship management systems should also be able to tell professionals at a glance. Working with all the data an ATS can give about candidates and clients can help professionals refine their approaches and increase their chances of success in a timely manner.

Test, Refine and Test Again
Working with an ATS for staffing, like anything else, is a process that professionals can improve over time. Making use of data and statistics like average time to hire, placements per recruiter and so on can help professionals identify what works and what could be better, leading to the most efficient possible process.

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