Jobscience prepares for the future from a new home

Jeremy Products & Technology, Staffing

The right environment can create the necessary conditions for growth and creativity. That's why Jobscience recently relocated its San Francisco headquarters to 160 Spear Street. It's a short move in terms of geography, but one that sets the stage for the business to make great strides in developing its staffing and recruitment software solutions along with its global presence.

Making room for expansion
With this move, Jobscience gave up a beautiful view of the San Francisco Bay in favor of closer proximity to tech industry giants like Amazon and the under-construction Salesforce Tower. That placement is no accident, as Jobscience looks to extend the international reach of its CRM software, which is integrated into Salesforce's online and mobile platforms. The company is already building a massive global imprint with offices now established in Indiana, London and Tokyo.

"Jobscience operates on a 24-hour cycle."

The disparate locations make it possible for Jobscience to operate on a 24-hour cycle, maintaining constant productivity and offering assistance to customers around the world. As the day ends in London, workers are just getting started in Tokyo. The ability to act decisively and efficiently on an international scale is essential for a continually growing operation that does 42 percent of its business with customers outside the U.S.

Jobscience CEO Ted Elliot explained how this world-spanning presence ties into the company's goals for continued expansion.

"We can't think locally," he said. "We have to act globally. And the best way to do that is to have these offices that really operate autonomously but also as part of a single unit to make sure our customers globally are being supported."

Enabling a collaborative culture
The San Francisco office brings its own advantages for moving Jobscience forward, enabling a culture that foregrounds continued innovation and greater collaboration. The headquarters is placed in the center of the city's most exciting current growth and conveniently close to the Transbay Terminal, making Jobscience an even more attractive employer for promising talent.

The environment and features in the new building bolster the kind of work that suits these dynamic surroundings. It's an office set up for thinking through problems and engaging in healthy, productive debate. Developers have state-of-the-art workstations and equipment at their disposal while video displays throughout the office bring maximum visibility to key performance indicators and shared data.

Employees have access to areas designed specifically for collaborative projects, including a developer lounge and more meeting rooms than in the previous building. Walls are covered in whiteboard paint, making it easy to brainstorm and sketch out ideas on the fly.

"We really designed the entire environment around the employees, focusing on making them feel positive about where they were working and how they were sitting around each other," Elliot said.

One area visitors won't find at the office is a server room. Jobscience operates entirely in the cloud, making it simple for employees to connect and get to work no matter where they are. Despite the distance between offices, everyone is able to pool their resources using the same tools and communicating constantly via video conferencing.

JobscienceJobscience's San Francisco location places it in the hub of  innovation.

Looking to the future
As Jobscience builds on its past successes, the new headquarters provides the necessary room to grow. There's greater square footage for both the development and sales teams, as well as desks available for employees from the international offices. The West Coast training center located on-site, along with an East Coast center in New Hampshire currently under development, will prepare the next generation of workers to add their own creativity to the mix.

These changes pave the way for Jobscience's latest product with recruitment and applicant tracking systems optimized for the new Salesforce Lightning release. The reimagined user interface works across all channels and provides easier access to contextual information. To Elliot, the combination of this release and the move makes perfect sense.

"I still have the same great people. I still have the same great technology," he explained. "But I have a whole new face on it, and sometimes just having that new user interface allows you to do the same things a lot more efficiently and have a lot more fun. And that's pretty much what this office represents."

If you're attending Dreamforce '16 in San Francisco and are interested in learning more about what Jobscience has to offer, stop by the Press Club October 4 through 6 between 12 p.m. and 3 p.m. Enjoy free food and drinks at the award-winning wine bar and lounge, located close by the Moscone Center at 20 Yerba Buena. Schedule a one-on-one meeting with a member of the Jobscience team or take the opportunity to check out the new release.