How staffing agencies can run omnichannel candidate searches

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Many industries around the world currently face a skills shortage. The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development published a report that found nearly 40 percent of employers in the U.S. and Europe have difficulty finding the right talent for open positions. The current skills shortage is especially a problem for countries with major manufacturing needs, but almost every industry has been affected.

When faced with the need to find qualified applicants, many industries turn to staffing agencies. If a staffing company wants to be a consistent source of skilled employees, it needs solutions to find workers – even when the current market presents challenges. This usually involves following talent to their favorite communication platforms and recognizing which channels offers the best results. Here's how agencies can search for candidates across multiple channels and track success using a centralized CRM software system:

Unable to find talent
There have been numerous reasons given for the modern skills shortage. Human Resource Executive Online suggested many younger populations don't train for particular industries. Millennials prefer to keep their options open and expect to routinely change jobs, rather than preparing for a single position. Meanwhile, much of the previous generation is reaching retirement age.

Agencies need solutions to locate young and talented employees. Agencies need solutions to locate talented employees.

However, companies may be holding on to old ideas. Yaarit Silverstone is a managing director of talent for Accenture Strategy who believes that organizations overlook talented workers when they don't acknowledge skills held by younger populations. Big data and the information age make it easier for people to develop skills and move through training. Businesses may want to look for different skills, such as mobile technology and software experience, for current positions.

This also means staffing agencies have to explore new channels to find candidates accustomed to modern communication tools. Talent might not be missing, it may be gathering in new places.

New ideas for candidate channels
There should be no question about the effectiveness of searching for candidates online. What staffing agencies should ask is where are they posting staffing information and how successful is their content? Fits Small Business suggested organizations searching for candidates should use email marketing, social media pages and custom websites to attract individuals comfortable with modern communication channels.

When a staffing agency finds a new channel it would like to explore, it shouldn't give up on traditional options that have yielded prior success. An effective staffing software system should have marketing features allowing users to launch campaigns across numerous channels. If CRM software provides automated features, the time saved on back-office activities can be used to investigate new ideas and analyze data from each channel.

"Different channels call for unique content."

It may also be time to launch or redesign the organization's own job board. The National Retail Federation listed  social media, virtual career fairs and other online platforms modern job seekers find the most rewarding. If a staffing agency can recognize why a particular channel is effective, they can offer branded online pages with the same functionality, design and features.

Tracking responses
Different channels call for unique content. Professional social media pages like LinkedIn call for formal employment opportunities, while Haley Marketing said staffing agencies can attract the attention of Facebook users with fun content like pictures, interesting facts and statistics, quotes and content particular to major events.

Information systems built with applicant tracking software can help alert organizations to each candidate who makes contact and how. When a central solution shows where each job seeker heard about an agency and what content prompted outreach, future campaigns can be designed with past success in mind. Agencies can see which channels offer the best results, which candidate marketing really works and where campaigns need adjustments.

CRM software solutions can help staffing agencies post to multiple job boards and automatically collect the data from each one. Users can see the details of each contact and build talent profiles using Web sourcing features that search for relevant skills across multiple channels.

Mobile solutions
To have a truly integrated multichannel campaign, companies need to link online and offline activities. It's not enough to offer consistent branding across Web pages; everything the business does to attract new candidates must be informed by the same data and the information from every activity must be included in central records.

This is why agencies should find staffing software with mobile performance. Business News Daily reported many skilled workers can be found at career fairs, public lectures and in-house networking events. When agency representatives meet with potential leads in person, mobile recruiting software allows them to collect data on the meeting in real-time or show candidates how their talent profile would appear to companies.

Every time agency employees speak with leads or current candidates, the information should be included in talent profiles. A multichannel skill search should build records with information from every avenue utilized by a staffing agency.