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How Salesforce Chatter is Transforming HR

Nolan Gray Products & Technology

Does it take awhile for you to track down a particular email from a top level candidate? Are your emails bouncing around your organization during the hiring process?  

If yes, I’d like to introduce you to Salesforce Chatter. Chatter is an internal social platform that is widely used by our teams at Jobscience. It’s free to use with a Salesforce license, and it can be used by non-Salesforce users as well. Chatter allows our workforce to share content, ideas, and to improve the communication and culture within the organization.

From a recruitment point of view, things can get quite messy if multiple team members are working on different aspects of a placement. To avoid this, we use Chatter to deal with less email, collaborate with multiple departments, and to make hiring decisions quickly. This creates a structure to share, to be open and to build that stronger “team” feeling.

In the staffing world, just a few seconds can make the difference between landing a contract or not. Unfortunately, most hiring decisions require more than one person to sign off before the final decision is made. To help push the top candidate along through the hiring funnel, you can share highlights on Chatter with other members of the team. You can even hashtag top candidates for easy searching later. This type of internal communication goes a long way when your final goal is to increase efficiency throughout your staffing environment. 

Stay tuned for future posts from me about Chatter.

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