Talent networks

How Organizations Create Robust Talent Networks

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In an August 2017 Workforce Monitor survey from the American Staffing Association, 50 percent of workers said they didn’t know the phrase “skills gap.” That unfamiliarity hasn’t stopped them from being affected by changes in hiring and the need for employees with specialized skills. In the same survey, 76 percent of respondents pointed to technology that develops faster than people can learn to use it as an ongoing problem.

Recruiters, staffers and human resources personnel can’t afford to ignore the mounting need many businesses have for workers with the right knowledge and experience. Agile processes and long-term strategies make it possible to find high-quality workers when organizations need them. To get on top of staffing demands and strategize for the future, hiring professionals must build extensive talent networks empowered by advanced recruitment software.

Why talent networks matter

“A network full of people who could be right for the next job opening is a huge advantage.”

Establishing a network full of people who could be right for the next job opening is a huge advantage for a business or staffing agency. According to a Deloitte study, it takes an average of 70 days to hire skilled production workers and 94 days to bring in highly skilled employees like engineers. When positions are left vacant, the costs to an organization in productivity quickly add up.

Talent networks allow HR professionals and recruiters to take a proactive stance in matching qualified people to the jobs that are right for them. Hiring professionals form connections by gathering leads on individuals who might be interested in a position with an organization or agency. Once these potential employees submit their contact information and resumes, it becomes a far simpler matter to get in touch as opportunities emerge.

Building an online recruiting community

Many factors go into forming a vibrant talent network packed with great candidates. In a competitive landscape, a strong employer brand and a steady stream of referrals are crucial to attracting applicants to a business or agency. Marketing to candidates is becoming increasingly important as businesses strive to build their online visibility and create email campaigns around recruitment initiatives.

Hiring professionals and other stakeholders should be attentive to online conversations about their organizations and look for chances to promote their workplace culture. An online community provides a hub for all these recruitment activities. By making it simple for candidates to view openings on a branded job board and submit their materials, an organization can vastly expand its talent network, building long-term relationships with skilled personnel.

Leveraging AI to source candidates

To make the most of a talent network, hiring professionals need to move fast to pick out the right person for every available position. AI-driven staffing software enables a more efficient approach to recruitment, beginning with an auto-matching system that finds qualified individuals quickly and easily. Applicants are ranked by scores that are customized to an organization’s particular needs for skills, experience and education, distinguishing between “must-haves” and “nice-to-haves.”

A software solution tied into an online talent network streamlines the rest of the interview process, saving an organization time and money. Automated emails allow hiring professionals to set up phone screens with the most qualified people right away. Integrated modules for on-boarding and compliance get a new hire on the job as soon as possible.

Jobscience brings organizations the tools they need to expand their talent networks and optimize their hiring processes. With AI-powered software, hiring professionals can go beyond keeping up with the demand for skilled employees and start strategizing for the months and years ahead.