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Turning recruiters into superstars: Learning from Jobscience’s VP of Product Development

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Like any industry, the staffing and recruiting world is dynamic and prone to changes. It's critical that Jobscience creates products to respond to these changes and empowers recruiters to source candidates effectively. That means establishing a strong product development methodology and maintaining awareness of the market to make sure recruiters have the tools they need to succeed.

We sat down with David Brooks, Jobscience's new VP of Product Development, to learn more about how the industry is changing, what makes Jobscience unique, and what he has in the works for future product releases.

Jobscience's approach
Jobscience uses an agile project development approach that increases visibility and transparency within the organization, building a creative environment that allows input from all stakeholders. This approach enables the developers to build a better product and one that's based on ongoing evolutions in the candidate sourcing world.

To begin with, Jobscience has one huge advantage over other software solutions: being built on, the Salesforce platform. Building a product on top of Salesforce "allows you to punch way above your weight," Brooks said.

Through Salesforce, Jobscience's recruitment software inherits a huge number of capabilities, from the CRM functionality to analytics and reporting. In the end, this gives Jobscience the opportunity to create a more exciting product, allowing the company to focus on value-added tools and usability rather than baseline functionality. This means being built on is a huge competitive differentiator, enabling Jobscience to respond more quickly to the marketplace, creating products that are really innovative and giving recruiters a leg up in sourcing top talent.

Candidate sourcing imageThe right tools help recruiters source candidates more effectively.

Recruiting trends
It's no longer a surprise that the recruiting industry is changing. It's a candidate's market now, which means companies need to be on their best behavior when it comes to sourcing and recruiting talent. Now that job seekers hold the power, many have had the experience of dealing with unscrupulous recruiters. For candidates, this can be irritating, which prevents recruiters from developing a robust talent pipeline.

Brooks likens cold calls from recruiters to spam. On the other hand, when recruiters reach out at the right moment, with the right message, the communication is relevant rather than disruptive. The difference lies in the technology recruiters have at their disposal.

"If we can provide our recruiters with the right tools and give them the ability to find exactly the right candidate for their clients, then they're going to look like superstars," said Brooks.

To accomplish this, Jobscience takes advantage of CRM tools and concepts to bring more sophisticated marketing campaign techniques into the candidate sourcing world.

The importance of mobile
Having the right tools not only gives recruiters the technology they need to effectively source, nurture and place candidates, but also make it easy for candidates to apply in the way that's easiest for them. Paying close attention to mobile is a critical part of this equation these days. As Brooks pointed out, some candidates only use their smartphones to access the Internet.

"Most candidates are now using their mobile devices for everything, which means if you have a job board, your job board needs to be mobile-friendly," Brooks said.

Organizations also need to follow up with an application process that can easily be completed on a mobile device, otherwise, they will miss out on these mobile-only candidates.

"Mobile is about users in the moment."

Naturally, the immediacy of mobile makes it crucial for recruiters as well. If a hiring manager has just finished interviewing a candidate, when is the best time to write an assessment of that candidate's capabilities? It's now, Brooks said.

"[Mobile] is about users in the moment," he added.

Rather than waiting to return to a desktop, a user-friendly mobile app enables recruiters to punch in the data right away, while it's still fresh in their mind. These few moments can make all the difference when it comes to gaining the information you need to demonstrate the candidate's value to a hiring manager.

Looking to the future
Jobscience also has some exciting releases on the way. In particular, the team will continue to focus on usability for recruiters.

The Jobscience team is developing a new system that will create a single console for candidate sourcing, eliminating the need to change between screens and tabs. Search, review and sourcing will live in the same environment, allowing recruiters to move seamlessly between different tools without leaving their current window. The goal, according to Brooks, is to enable sourcing recruiters to begin and end their day on one screen, in one tab.

The process is much like "setting up a kitchen for a chef, so that the knives are exactly as you would expect them to be, and the spatulas are exactly where you expect them to be when you need them," he added.

As the recruiting world continues to evolve, it's critical to have the right product development strategy in place to meet growing needs. With David Brooks helming the product development process, we are looking forward to an exciting 2016.