Recruiters, are you ready for Google’s mobile search algorithm update?

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Mobile recruiting continues to be a key conversation in the recruiting landscape. Now there’s another aspect companies must pay attention to – Google’s impending algorithm change. Beginning April 21, Google will take mobile-friendliness into account when ranking websites for mobile searches.

It’s time to optimize for mobile
According to a recent post on Google’s official blog, the company has decided to update its algorithms as user behavior continues to shift toward mobile device usage. The company announced two key changes: It will feature more mobile-friendly websites in search results and display more app content in search results when users are signed in.

Mobile-friendliness will become a key ranking signal for websites. According to Google, a mobile-friendly website meets the following criteria:

  • It avoids software that isn’t typically found on mobile devices, like Flash
  • The text is readable without the user having to zoom
  • The content is sized so that users don’t have to adjust it or scroll horizontally to see it
  • Links are placed far enough apart to allow for easy tapping

Not sure whether your website qualifies as mobile-friendly under Google’s guidelines? Use the company’s free mobile-friendly test to find out.

How recruiters will be affected
Recruiters are also affected by this change. With more than 83 percent of job seekers now looking for jobs on mobile devices, according to EWeek, recruiters need to be sure their job pages are optimized, or risk becoming less visible in search results and losing access to the best talent. If you are trying to rank for specific keywords related to talent sourcing, you may drop in the rankings if you don’t implement the necessary changes to make your site mobile-friendly. However, the point of optimizing for mobile is less about visibility and more about doing what’s right for potential candidates. Google’s goal is to present searchers with the best results, and mobile device search plays a big part in that.

Optimizing career site pages ensures that jobseekers can easily find what they are looking for, no matter what device they are using. Optimizing makes it easier for candidates to hunt for a position on a smaller screen. Now that Google will start to penalize companies that don’t have mobile-friendly pages, there’s even more incentive for recruiters to become mobile-friendly.

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