Plan and schedule workers more effectively with talent logistics

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According to the American Staffing Association, an average of over 3 million people work in temporary or contract roles every week. For employers and staffing professionals, planning ahead for personnel needs and coordinating schedules for these individuals present constant challenges. Keeping businesses running at top productivity requires anticipating needs for staff ahead of time and being ready to contact workers with the necessary skills and experience.

Fortunately, staffing software provides a big leg up for recruiters looking to match available candidates to the right position. Integrated into the Salesforce platform, Jobscience's Hiring Logistics interface helps staffing professionals source and communicate with experienced talent and set a schedule with ease. This system turns the challenges of planning ahead into a painless part of the daily routine with centralized access to features for recruiters and temporary workers.

Find exceptional talent

"Hiring Logistics offers an immediate view into how talent is employed."

To get ahead of the game, staffing professionals and hiring managers need visibility into current and upcoming projects. Hiring Logistics offers an immediate view into how talent is already being employed across multiple sites, along with any outstanding orders for additional help. Staffers have the awareness to move decisively, automatically matching the necessary personnel from internal databases or sending mass emails to source workers with the relevant education and skills.

As new opportunities open up, filters and auto-matching narrow the field of applicants down to the individuals who best suit the job so staffers can make better decisions. Hiring Logistics automates regular shift scheduling by the day or week while allowing recruiters to fine-tune settings for the unique needs of every business. Rather than just reacting to shifts in demand, staffing professionals have the insight and continual updates to move proactively, spotting alerts for any unfilled shifts and taking action.

Know who's on the job

Scheduling and planning goes far more smoothly with open lines of communication among recruiters, employers and workers. The Hiring Logistics interface facilitates exchanging messages with employees, offering an organized, speedy way to check on particular sites and workers. Employees instantly pass along any questions or concerns, and recruiters immediately see scheduling requests when they start up the interface.

With mapping functionality, staffers have the power to remotely monitor the personnel needs at several locations and track the locations of individuals to ensure they clock in to their assigned jobs. Automated time collection and real-time status updates mean it's simple to catch any issues that need attention, such as skipped shifts or tardiness. That knowledge leads to improvements in job fulfillment and the employer's overall use of resources.

Optimize the employee experience

When planning for the long-term, it's essential to keep the experience of workers in mind. Maintaining a high-quality workforce in the face of the gig economy takes smart practices in communication and setting the calendar. As Harvard Business Review pointed out, the key to making a scheduling system work is striking the right balance between efficiency and meeting the needs of workers so they feel respected and appreciated.

With talent logistics, it's a streamlined, straightforward process to get the right people on-site at the right time while allowing sufficient flexibility for employers and workers. Employees gain greater control over their own job search and work hours, creating contact records in seconds, generating individual calendars and noting any changes in their availability. In turn, staffing professionals get more accurate and updated information to develop work schedules and recruitment strategies.

Hiring Logistics provides tools to monitor work hours and compliance.Hiring Logistics provides tools to monitor work hours and compliance.

Stay on top of the paperwork

One way staffing professionals can get bogged down is making their way through mounds of time sheets, invoices and compliance reports. It's hard to plan ahead when you're caught up in paperwork. Hiring Logistics makes it possible to collect automatically generated management data and get through a payroll run in a quarter of the time required by traditional methods. This transparency allows staffing professionals to concentrate on looking forward to the next task instead of backward.

Compliance tools keep your planning on track even when dealing with complex regulations. Check for applicable health and safety rules, competence requirements and exposure limits as you plot out the schedule for coming weeks. With these considerations built into the system, staffing professionals avoid the kinds of oversights that can lead to costly and time-consuming problems.

Making numerous successful placements in a fast-moving labor market is tough, and the rise of the gig economy has only compounded that challenge. To thrive in this environment, hiring professionals need recruitment software that's adaptable to the particular needs of any employer and agile enough to respond to changing demands. With powerful tools at the ready and constantly updated information, recruiters can go beyond just filling the latest job vacancy to improve their scheduling methods and set long-term plans into action.