Life As An ISV Salesforce Partner

Nolan Gray Products & Technology

When compared to alternatives faced by vendors on other platforms, the benefits of building an application on Salesforce cannot be overstated.

The platform gives independent software vendor (ISVs) like Jobscience a unique advantage because of its ultra-stable and secure foundation to build applications on.

Most importantly, it includes a wealth of powerful “out of the box” features such as:

  • Import and export tools
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • Integration (e.g. Outlook) and APIs
  • Internationalisation / Translation capabilities
  • Configuration tools (tables, screens, workflows)
  • Admin and housekeeping utilities
  • Tools to deploy updates
  • Mobile Apps
  • Web Portals

Salesforce offers rapid deployment, near 100% uptime and industry-leading security so it is true cloud/SaaS compared with other legacy on-premise solutions that have simply been ported to a data center. In a multi-tenanted data center environment, their infrastructure may struggle to balance the load, leading to slowdowns at peak times and regular outages.

The ongoing investment and innovation in the new Lightning UI is an important piece to that compliments Jobscience’s new Summer ‘17 release and is a massive step going forward in UX design. Salesforce’s new Einstein AI feature represents millions of dollars of research and development spend, unlocking ground-breaking new Salesforce features to all users at no extra cost.

Covering this breadth of functionality is simply beyond the means of small independent ISVs, as there is a need to have the ISV’s internal development team deal with issues from older updates and the underlying platform, as well as new development.   

Because Jobscience is built entirely on Salesforce, we are able to leverage all these exclusive advantages and more to give you all the unbeatable features the platform and to help make recruiting processes simpler. While working with direct employers and staffing companies, our ultimate focus has been understanding how to leverage the best technology for hiring – Salesforce lets us accomplish that. Life as a Salesforce ISV is good.