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Every staffing firm has plenty of data. Whether it is about candidates, clients, placements or the performance of individual professionals, there is plenty to learn and know. However, not every staffing firm can easily access this data. Without a way to manage the information that is available, staffing agencies are missing crucial opportunities to make smarter decisions. Converting a mass of data into actionable insights that are easy to understand is a daunting task for many professionals. It may seem like it’s necessary to have a background in data science, or at least in mathematics, to make it happen.

While a data expert is always welcome at any organization, it is important for all stakeholders to be able to access facts about the firm at short notice. Knowing how long it takes to make a placement on average, or how many candidates a client tends to interview before making a choice, can be extremely valuable to a staffing professional. Staffing managers should also be able to look at their reports’ performance on an individual and team level to make management and compensation decisions based on accurate, objective metrics.

How to Extract and Use Data
Staffing firms can actually rely on their software to introduce a new regime of transparency and data-driven decisions. Firms should insist on staffing software that generates reports with a single click, enabling everyone at the organization to collect and interpret data in a meaningful way. This does away with fears that only information professionals will be able to extract actionable insights from data, and democratizes the process of learning all about a staffing firm’s inner workings.

Data can elevate the performance of a staffing firm across all areas. Relationships with candidates and clients can improve, as can the performance of staffing professionals overall. Staffing software that provides a window into precisely how the firm is functioning can be the basis for informed decisions that will drive a staffing firm toward its goals. Without barriers to finding and visualizing data, the process of reaching those goals can be a collaborative one for all key members of a staffing agency.

Efficiently Moving Forward
Understanding where a staffing agency is can be one function of using staffing software for data, but it’s also possible to leverage it for efforts that bring the firm into the future. Staffing software can include tools for collaboration, scheduling and mobile interactions – and firms should seek out software systems that offer these functions as well as data features. The combination of analysis and action is a powerful one.

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