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Leveraging “Big Data” in HR

Jeremy Data, Market Trends, Products & Technology

Big data has taken over in a wide variety of businesses, fueling both big-picture thinking and how workers operate on a daily basis. Companies make strategic decisions by gathering massive quantities of information about customer behavior, cyber security, supply chain efficiency and upcoming shifts in the industry. With other departments taking full advantage of the power of analytics, it makes sense that leaders in human resources would also be interested in finding the means to put data to work in their daily routines.

HR professionals, recruiters and staffers have very different needs from marketers or technology experts. They must have the right processes and tools to collect and analyze information on a large scale, tracking demand for employees and picking out high-quality applicants from a crowded field. Optimizing the use of data in hiring starts with robust recruitment software and a strategic approach to matching the best candidates with positions that are right for them.

Understand the important data

“A data strategy can be a major advantage for HR specialists.”

Big data initiatives generally look at consumers or products on a broad scale, picking out the potentially lucrative trends and impending problems with potential to have a major impact on the organization’s plans for growth. Hiring professionals, on the other hand, spend much of their time working with individuals, engaging with people looking for jobs and connecting them to the roles that suit their skills and background. Nonetheless, a data strategy can still be a major advantage for HR specialists and staffing or recruitment firms.

Gathering and analyzing data on applicants helps to make better hiring decisions, going beyond scanning resumes for keywords. With staffing software, HR professionals efficiently narrow down candidates, finding potential new employees who have the right mix of education, experience and technical ability to thrive in the role. Including a social recruiting strategy in a data-driven approach to hiring contributes additional insights and allows hiring manager to make better-informed decisions.

When recruiters and HR specialists have greater awareness of how new hires settle into their positions, they can handle onboarding more effectively and offer support as necessary. Tracking employee attendance and performance over time yields important insights into the conditions that lead to a successful placement. By gathering extensive information and listening to feedback from workers, hiring professionals are able to optimize their approach and not only get people on the job, but build positive, lasting relationships with workers.

Use smarter tools for hiring

To transform the process of finding new employees and get the most out of data, HR departments and staffers require advanced tools made specifically for their responsibilities. Jobscience’s Hiring Logistics interface is designed to provide immediate visibility into the information that makes for stronger decision-making and long-term planning. With a real-time mapping function that provides instant awareness of staffing demand across multiple sites, hiring professionals move with agility to meet a company’s needs.

An auto-matching system takes into account a broad range of factors to pick out the potential workers best-suited to a role from an internal database, and auto-scheduling makes getting them on the job a seamless process. The capability to monitor employee location means HR professionals know right away if issues with attendance or tardiness arise and can address them. With built-in instant messaging, recruiters and staffers stay in touch with workers, forming relationships that lead to better placements.

Data analysis has become a crucial part of how organizations function. HR specialists can find their own advantages for hiring, onboarding and planning ahead by using tools that turn vast amounts of information into helpful insights. Integrated into the Salesforce platform, the Hiring Logistics interface from Jobscience offers the means to capture the data that empowers HR.