hiring logistics in action

Hiring Logistics means improved utilization for staffing agencies

Jeremy Hiring, Products & Technology

Every staffing agency must prove it delivers value for the investment in its services. That means efficiently and consistently providing a high volume of qualified workers to fill positions. To be successful in today’s competitive, fast-paced gig economy, staffers need to find ways to improve utilization, getting more and better workers on the job quicker.

That’s where Jobscience’s Hiring Logistics interface comes in, providing the edge to bump up outcomes in ways that are clear and measurable. Driven by real-time updates and data for smarter recruitment and placement, agencies offer exceptional results with long-term impact. Here’s how staffing software can make the difference in utilization for your business:

Enhancing visibility

Staffing professionals do their best work when they maintain open lines of communication with employers and workers alike, closely monitoring each placement. That transparency makes it possible for a staffing agency to optimize its processes and show off what it does best.

Hiring Logistics is designed to give staffers a fresh perspective on all the factors that matter for their business. From a single dashboard, they can see the needs for workers across multiple sites, schedule shifts and manage time sheets. The interface makes it simple to generate a list of available workers with the correct skills and experience to cover each available position.

A real-time mapping feature provides insight into what’s happening on the ground at every location where workers are assigned. Staffers know whether workers are arriving for their shifts on time and can check in with instant messaging. Using remote management tools, hiring professionals are able to provide employers with efficient and consistent solutions to their labor needs.

Better analysis leads to wiser decisions

Organizations of all kinds have realized that a robust system for tracking and analyzing relevant data provides a clearer picture of where a business stands and how it can improve. Hiring Logistics is built to put that strategic intelligence into the hands of staffers. Fully integrated into Salesforce, the interface offers an overview of the information that matters for hiring, including current utilization, new vacancies and payroll.

Empowered by this information, staffing professionals can make better calls about placement, scheduling and finances. The business becomes more agile, planning effectively for the weeks and months ahead to meet the needs of employers and improve the bottom line. In turn, staffers gain the hard evidence to demonstrate how they are maximizing worker utilization.

JobscienceWith efficient, automated processes, staffers can focus on forming relationships.

Build stronger relationships

Hiring Logistics streamlines the processes of adding new candidates to an internal database, searching through resumes and completing paperwork for payment and regulatory compliance. That frees up staffers and recruiters to perform the tasks a computer can’t. They have opportunities to communicate with employers and workers, rather than spending all their time staring at spreadsheets.

When staffing professionals connect with businesses and employees they can better accommodate the needs of both sides. That kind of personal attention leads to forming fruitful, long-term relationships that can carry over numerous placements. A staffer who is in close contact with clients and workers makes better matches and wiser use of the available resources. They can find workers with highly specialized qualifications who are also a good cultural fit for a particular company or work around an employee’s unique scheduling requirements.

When businesses enlist an agency, they want to see cost-effective results backed up by data. The Jobscience Hiring Logistics builds improved employee utilization into the Jobscience platform for staffing professionals. When staffers speedily make high-quality placements while easily managing scheduling, payroll and compliance, employers and workers both benefit.