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To Meet the Needs of Job Candidates, Recruitment Must Change

Jeremy Market Trends, Products & Technology

High-quality job applicants are the lifeblood of businesses and staffing agencies. A survey from the Society for Human Resource Management found that HR professionals most value candidates who combine the technical skills necessary for a position with dependability, integrity, a respectful attitude and the ability to work well with a team. Organizations are able to grow when they recruit personnel with the characteristics that make a more productive and positive workplace.

To gather a pool of applicants who exhibit the hard and soft skills that keep companies progressing, hiring professionals must consider what these individuals are looking for in an employer. By understanding the needs of job applicants and tailoring processes accordingly, HR departments and staffers can strategically direct their efforts to create a faster, more consistent path for new hires. Automated tools and advanced strategies for hiring set the conditions that make ongoing business growth possible.

Show off an appealing culture

“Over 84 percent of job candidates cited culture as a major point of interest.”

A study conducted by Hinge Research Institute found that over 84 percent of job candidates cited culture as a major point of interest when considering a potential employer. Top applicants want to spend their days in an environment where they’ll feel good about coming in and free to do their best work. A sense of belonging and pride in their daily tasks are powerful motivators when employees are weighing their options.

Hiring professionals play an important part in communicating a positive office culture to potential employees. At every step of the way to making a job offer, they have chances to build the employer brand. By providing job descriptions that give a clear impression of the day-to-day experience in a position and maintaining open lines of communication, HR specialists and staffers improve the chances of finding a great worker and improving the word-of-mouth around the brand.

When hiring professionals show consideration for candidates throughout the hiring process and emphasize what makes a company a great place to work, they demonstrate the organization’s values. Software tools can help to get the message across, bringing visibility to openings and attracting qualified applicants. Creating a branded job board and developing an online community around recruitment is a powerful means of inviting job seekers to get to know the business.

Streamline the application process

By the start of 2017, Pew Research reported that 77 percent of Americans owned smartphones. These users have come to expect quick, convenient interactions with businesses, and that extends to the way they look for jobs. If organizations are not building their application processes to be fast and easily completed on mobile platforms, they are likely missing out on some exceptional workers.

Along with making it as easy as possible to fill out an application, hiring experts gain an advantage by making the process of narrowing down the candidate pool as fast, simple and effective as possible. This is where advances in artificial intelligence prove an invaluable asset in recruitment software. A system that scores job applicants according to criteria specifically tailored to the organization’s requirements and preferences allows a staffer or recruiter to act fast.

Getting in touch with potential new hires can happen even sooner with an automated reply system. With rules established based on candidate scores, staffing software can send out messages either arranging to take the next steps toward an interview or informing people they have been removed from consideration. Automation makes screening smoother, bringing applicants the kind of streamlined experience they anticipate from a forward-looking organization.

Make the connection

A major benefit of automation is the way it frees time and resources for greater human interaction. Hiring professionals are able to devote more of their energies to communicating directly with applicants via phone or social media, discovering chances to make their organization more appealing to the very best workers. Fewer hours spent rifling through resumes and sending out emails means more time to connect and attract employees, even if they are passive job seekers who require extensive outreach.

By using an interview scheduler, HR departments and recruiters invite potential employees to make the hiring process right for them. A simple interface and automated notifications serve to project the image of a flexible workplace while making life easier for hiring professionals.

Jobscience offers a vast array of features designed to rebuild hiring processes for the future of employment. With automated tools integrated into the Salesforce platform, hiring specialists are empowered to deliver the kind of open communication and efficiency that highly skilled workers want to see in their next employer.