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Hiring Faster: 4 Keys to Success

Nolan Gray Hiring, Products & Technology, Tips & Tricks

In major countries around the world, the average time required for a business to complete its interview process and make a job offer keeps getting longer. In 2017, a Glassdoor survey found the average hiring period in the U.S. stood at 23.8 days, up from 22.9 days three years earlier. Even as unemployment drops and many companies report worker shortages in certain areas, extensive screening procedures such as background checks, skills tests, panel interviews and presentations are slowing down the time to hire.

While it’s wise for an organization to ensure a new hire is a good fit before investing time and money in on-boarding and training, there are significant disadvantages to an overly laborious interview period. A company might miss out on excellent talent because someone receives multiple offers, lose productivity due to an unfilled role or damage relationships with candidates. Fortunately, there are ways for recruiters and HR specialists to speed up the interview process while finding personnel with the right skills to succeed:

1. Market your employer brand

“46 percent of businesses report struggling to fill jobs.”

46 percent of businesses report struggling to fill jobs, according to ManpowerGroup. In this employment landscape, it’s increasingly vital to market a strong employer brand. First, a business or staffing agency needs to develop a clear job description and make certain that people with the required background see it. It’s important to not only specifically outline the experience and education necessary to fill a position but to convey a sense of the workplace culture the new hire would join.

In addition, hiring professionals can invite potential new hires to take a peek into the company through a branded job board. An online community offers chances for customization and career marketing that can get the word out about an organization’s employer brand. In turn, jobseekers have a simple, centralized way to search through current openings and upload their resumes.

2. Find great people faster

Being more selective about what applicants come in for an interview serves to streamline the process. HR professionals and recruiters save themselves a great deal of time by eliminating candidates who aren’t right for the position from consideration as early as possible. Otherwise, they risk spending hours poring through the resumes of people who lack vital qualifications.

Recruitment software powered by artificial intelligence makes the work of narrowing down the candidate pool far more efficient with smart, automated scoring. Hiring professionals set customized parameters for the skills, education and experience that are mandatory or nice to have, generating straightforward rankings. With this guidance, they make immediate, well-informed decisions about progressing applicants through the interview process.

3. Speed up responses

Once hiring specialists determine what candidates meet the criteria for interview, they want to move to the next phase as soon as possible. An automated response system built into staffing software provides a means of immediately getting in touch. With customized rules tied to candidate scoring, the program can send either a request to set up a phone screening or a rejection email right away.

4. Focus on engaging candidates

Recruiters and HR staff do their work most effectively when they have the opportunity to really get to know job candidates. Talking directly to applicants is a way to build productive relationships and make more confident decisions about every new hire. That’s why it’s so vital to cut down on the hours spent dealing with paperwork or outdated applicant tracking systems.

With the right tools, hiring professionals gain a clearer sense of the big picture and the ability to plan for the long term. They are able to think about the needs of the business in the months
ahead and network accordingly. The flexibility to communicate extensively with each applicant and cultivate passive candidates over time empowers the hiring process.

Jobscience provides organizations with the tools they need to establish a faster, more effective approach to hiring. With advanced software tools that draw on the latest in AI and data science to find the best matches right away, hiring professionals can develop improved strategies and an attractive employer brand. Fully integrated into the Salesforce platform, Jobscience brings efficiency and smart design to recruitment.

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