Social networking on staffing software

3 ways Salesforce Chatter benefits recruiters

Jeremy Products & Technology

One of the many benefits of being built on the Salesforce platform is that Jobscience has access to all the CRM platform’s best features. One of our favorites is Chatter, an internal social platform that allows team members to share content, ideas, and whatever else they want. Apparently, we are not alone: According to G2 Crowd, a website that crowdsources user reviews from different types of software platforms, Salesforce Chatter is one of the top-ranked social collaboration platforms on the market.

Here are three ways Chatter helps recruiters using staffing software:

1. Deal with less email 
Recruiters spend one-third of their day or more in their inboxes, and the sheer volume of email quickly becomes overwhelming. According to a Salesforce survey of Chatter users, 31 percent noted using Chatter helped them cut down on their email. Another bonus? Fewer meetings. Chatter allows you to organize your communication streams by joining groups and following specific people or topics. Rather than draft an email, shoot a quick message to the group working on a specific placement. Another bonus is you can also cut down on meetings. There’s no need to schedule face time with a colleague if a simple chat can answer your question. Save time on administrative tasks so you can work on the activities that drive placements.

“Save time so you can work on the activities that drive placements.”

2. Collaborating
Chatter can connect departments that don’t interact with one another very often. This type of internal communication goes a long way toward increasing efficiency in the staffing environment. If multiple team members are working on different aspects of a placement, things can get messy if they don’t know what one another are up to. In addition, Chatter provides a quick way to share content that may be useful to the team. If one recruiter participated in a particularly helpful webinar, he can pass it on to his colleagues to make everyone more effective.

3. Make decisions quickly
In a staffing agency environment, just a few seconds can make the difference between landing a contract or not. Unfortunately, most decisions require more than one person to sign off before you pull the trigger. Once you find the perfect fit for an open position, share the candidate’s J-Card with other members of your team to get their take so you can get the candidate through the pipeline more quickly.

Being built on Salesforce, Jobscience lets our users take advantage of chatter, which increases efficiency and makes communication more fun.