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Jobscience Launches New Events Strategy Investing in People

Jeremy News, Products & Technology

SAN FRANCISCO – Jobscience has announced it will be using its events strategy as a platform to stay true to their mission: Jobscience believes a company is as great as the people it hires. Moving away from the traditional conference and tradeshow model handing out marketing swag, Jobscience is investing in people. They’ve partnered with Teach For America who has built an entrepreneurial force …


Align Your Organization Around Meaningful Analytics

Jeremy Products & Technology, Tips & Tricks

Analytics are usually provided with most modern systems for managing business processes like sales, marketing, recruiting and project management.  Typically, they appear in the form of dashboards and reports.  However, we think that the analytics component of most process management systems is one of the most under-utilized features of these systems.  For example, in the stack of Jobscience’ customer suggestions …

Behind the Scenes: When Artificial Intelligence becomes Artificial Assistance

Nolan Gray Artificial Intelligence, Products & Technology

Do you enjoy being told what to do? I didn’t think so. Did you enjoy your experience at a world-class resort hotel? As the Vice President of Product Development with Jobscience, I have had the opportunity to travel and meet with top recruitment professionals from all over the globe. These experts knew the best restaurants, the best time of day …

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Staffing Hacks: Time Saved is Money Earned

Nolan Gray Products & Technology

If staffing firms are searching for greater efficiency, spending countless hours chasing time cards and manually entering data each week won’t help. In my numerous conversations with staffing firms across North America, I am continuously amazed at how many firms still follow a manual process. Manual data entry promotes a higher risk of error. This risk is increased if the staffing firm …


AI Makes Recruiting Simple

Nolan Gray Artificial Intelligence, Products & Technology

With the vast number of applications available for staffing companies to use, it can be quite cumbersome and time consuming for recruiters to manually parse through millions of resumes to find top tier talent. However, with the rise of advanced technology flooding recruitment, hiring professionals are now beginning to accept help from artificial intelligence to reduce time on tedious tasks …