Jobscience Survey: Facebook is a ‘New Essential’ for Social Recruiting

Jeremy News

SAN FRANCISCO – June 25, 2012 – Jobscience Inc., the leader in Talent Management for the Social Enterprise, today announced the results from a survey conducted by [Research Now](http://http//, which found that 36% of U.S. corporations plan to use Facebook more for recruiting this year than last. Facebook was cited in the survey as the second most important social network for recruiting – following LinkedIn.

The research shows that social recruiting is here to stay, as almost 60% of respondents agree that the next ‘big thing’ in recruiting strategies is reaching a greater number of qualified candidates through social media networks such as LinkedIn and Facebook. More than half (57%) of the corporations surveyed expect to use LinkedIn more than any other tool for recruiting – more than job boards, email marketing and employee referral programs.

“Using social networks to find candidates for current job openings has become a common strategy for recruiters,” said Ted Elliott, CEO and founder of Jobscience. “But the real value of social recruiting is when companies continually engage with people through social networking – so when an appropriate job opens up – the person is familiar with the company and has a propensity to want to work there. It’s about social sourcing and building pipelines of talent – so your talent pool never runs dry.”

Social networks are not just important tools for recruiters; candidates are using them to research companies. This study revealed that 52% of U.S. corporations believe that social networks are an important venue for businesses to attract candidates.

“As Facebook becomes the most relevant place on the web – it is also putting a face on the ‘employment brand’ of companies,” added Elliott. “Information about a company is no longer solely controlled by recruiters. Candidates and employees are using social media to gather information about companies. If companies want to attract top talent, they need a strategy for their employment brand – which includes monitoring how their brand is perceived on social networks, facilitating a social dialog and giving compelling reasons for people to work at their company.”

Since 2003, Hargis has served as the Adjunct Professor of Organizational Development at Suffolk University in Boston, Massachutes. Hargis has a M.S. in Human Resource Development from Northeastern University and a B.S. in Business Administration/Management from Northern Arizona University.

“Large companies are starting to experience the effects of the ‘Baby Boomer Skill Gap,” said Hargis. “Despite the fact that unemployment continues to be high – finding, training and retaining top talent in many industries is becoming much more difficult. Companies need to take both a broad and long-tail view of recruiting and employee referral programs. Jobscience has the only TRM system on the market that approaches talent acquisition like customer acquisition and has the flexibility to easily tap into public and private social networks.”

## Which Social Network is the most Important?

Within the Research Now survey, LinkedIn was cited as the social network that matters most with 86% of respondents giving it top bill, followed by Facebook at 51% and Google+ at 27%. Respondents found Twitter to be the least important social network for recruiting – at only 16%. But the gap between Facebook and LinkedIn could shrink, as 36% of companies plan to use Facebook for recruiting more this year than last year.

## About the Survey

The data from this study was drawn from a nationwide online survey of more than 150 HR and recruiting executives, directors and managers. The survey was conducted in March 2012 by Research Now on behalf of Jobscience. The goal was to uncover attitudes and opinions about the use of applicant tracking systems, recruiting solutions and social networks to search for qualified job candidates.