Jobscience and Broadbean integration.

Jobscience Amplify: Featuring Broadbean

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For the most recent Amplify partner spotlight, Robbie Herd, partners and programs manager at Jobscience, sat down with Steve Barnhurst, sales director for agency clients at Broadbean Technology, to learn more about the Broadbean platform.

Broadbean, a global leader in job advert distribution and candidate sourcing technology, was established in 2001 by Kelly Robinson, a recruitment expert who ran his own firm. As someone with a background in this sector, he thought there must be a more efficient way to post to different job boards. He set out to create a product to streamline this experience, and Broadbean was born.

The company now hosts 3 million job posts each month, tracks 10 million responses and powers 2.7 million candidate searches with the largest network of job boards available.

"Broadbean hosts 3 million job posts each month."

Giving recruiters more time
Time is the most precious commodity for recruiters, according to Barnhurst. Broadbean saves recruiters valuable time and makes them more efficient. Posting jobs is a crucial part of the recruiting process, but it can also be very time-consuming. The average business may publish an open position on 6-10 channels, including individual job boards and social channels. If it takes five minutes to go through the posting process for each one, recruiters lose 30-50 minutes posting for just one open position. With Broadbean, recruiters have to go through this process only one time. Then, they can get back to recruiting.

As Barnhurst pointed out, recruiters need as much time as they can get to find the right person for the open position. According to Broadbean's data, there is unprecedented growth in the amount of jobs being posted. As a result, the number of applications per vacancy has decreased. This means fewer people for each open position. Recruiters need to use their time to find talent.

How Broadbean works
Broadbean's platform is easy-to-use. The idea behind the software is that it can be used without leaving the applicant tracking system environment, Barnhurst said. Recruiters can drive all of their activity from Jobscience without clicking to a new window.

When it's time to post a new job opening, recruiters just log into the appropriate Jobscience screen and click the "post to Broadbean" button, which launches the software. In just three steps, recruiters can post the vacancy to the channels they choose:

  1. Choose job boards and/or social channels 
  2. Complete details of the job opening
  3. Preview and send
Broadbean Jobscience integration. Broadbean simplifies the job posting process.

Access your silver medalists
Another immediate benefit of the Jobscience and Broadbean integration is the ability to store top talent for later.

Through the integration, applicants are automatically shortlisted against the open position they applied for. This feature makes it easier for recruiters to stay organized and ensure they are able to review all applicants. While this gives recruiters an opportunity to find the best person for the job, it has the additional benefit of creating an automatic shortlist of runner-ups, or as Herd refers to them, "silver medalists." When a similar position opens up, recruiters already have candidates with the right skills lined up for the job.

The future of Broadbean
According to Barnhurst, Broadbean's focus will always be on candidate sourcing and job advertisement placing, and the brand will strive to do its best. In addition, over the next few months, Broadbean will update its interface for a new look and feel. 

Broadbean is also working on features to increase efficiency for recruiters in more valuable ways. For instance, the integration with Jobscience will soon allow recruiters to not only post the job but also pull up candidates in the system who would be a good match.

To learn more about Broadbean, watch the Amplify video or visit the website.

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