Global IT Service Partners Sell, Deploy and Support Jobscience in APAC, Europe and the U.S.

Jeremy News

SAN FRANCISCO – October 17, 2011 – Jobscience, a leading talent relationship management provider on [](, today announced that its TalentCloud solution is now being sold and supported by eight professional IT service partners in APAC, Europe and the U.S. These partnerships help multinational companies to centralize the recruitment, onboarding, training, and management of employees, while simultaneously leveraging the tremendous cost-savings and flexibility of [](, [](’s social enterprise platform for building employee-facing social apps.

“As companies expand their workforce into new regions, they face significant talent acquisition, employee on-boarding and training challenges,” said Ted Elliott, CEO of Jobscience. “By embracing a CRM approach to human capital management and leveraging the power of Jobscience TalentCloud on the []( platform, they can turn global talent acquisition, development and management challenges into a competitive advantage.” Jobscience has partnered with professional IT service providers across the globe, including: 2cloudnine, Cloud Consulting, [](, GlobalOne, ITBconsult, Nuage Group, WebResults and westbrook International to sell, deploy and support its TalentCloud applications. These companies provide business process consulting, data migration, implementation and maintenance services to TalentCloud customers.

“Many of our clients have offices in multiple regions and need insight into the performance of these business units as well as support for local requirements,” said Adam Edmondson, director 2cloudnine. “They need a Talent Relationship Management solution that can be centrally managed, but accessible to employees and managers in all regions. The Jobscience TalentCloud applications have the unique flexibility to configure country-specific business rules and user-specified language preferences with a few clicks. This highly configurable, cloud-based approach provides our customers with rapid business insight without the need to build complex IT infrastructure.”

“As the last few years have shown us, companies need to plan for change,” said Ambrose McGinn, CEO at westbrook International. “We’ve seen companies start workforces in new regions, upsize, downsize, reorganize and acquire other companies. All of these changes put pressure on the HR and operations processes within an organization. But because the Jobscience TalentCloud applications are built on the []( platform – finding, on-boarding, training or managing dozens, hundreds or thousands of employees quickly in multiple regions – becomes manageable and consistent.”