Study: Contractors Speak On What They Truly Enjoy About Staffing Work

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Staffing services professionals know all too well why being in the staffing industry is so great for workers. However, staffing professionals must have a hand on the pulse on what is most important to contractors about being in the staffing industry. From having flexible work options to gaining knowledge about various workplaces, staffing professionals are well-versed in what makes being a contractor so special. However, knowing what keeps workers at the firm and as contractors in general can help staffing services improve their benefits offerings, and it can even help to boost their retention initiatives. 

A Positive Employment Experience
The American Staffing Association recently conducted the "2014 ASA Staffing Employee Survey" that asked approximately 12,000 workers, both those still in the industry and those who left for other employment, what was important to them about their employment in staffing. The survey found the vast majority (nearly 90 percent) consider their experiences with working in staffing make them more employable. Of those employable skills and experiences that workers consider valuable, 1 in 5 cited being able to have an adjustable work schedule to be one of the most critical benefits. For 24 percent, they considered having the opportunity to advance their skill sets to be a major perk of contract work, and 28 percent thought receiving experience in work environments was a great benefit.

Yet these aren't the only perks researchers have found. According to Staffing Industry Analysts, a contest conducted last year by the association found many contractors enjoyed their work because they felt they had personal connections with their firms' staffing associates, while others said they knew their supervisors supported them because those managers were able to anticipate issues within their workplaces before those issues occurred. Friendly atmospheres, warm welcomes, consistent communication and strong support are all reasons many contractors stay at their staffing services firms.

According to the American Staffing Association survey, most contractors see their work as a stepping stone to permanent employment or further career development. Richard Wahlquist, president and CEO of ASA, noted the survey may have reinforced what many staffing associates knew already.

"ASA member companies are proud to make a real difference in the lives of so many individuals in the U.S. workforce," Wahlquist said. "The results of the staffing employee survey affirm the great value that staffing employees receive from their assignments."

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