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The Staffing Industry Analysts Executive Forum took place between March 16 and March 19 of this year in Orlando, Florida. The event offered great insight for anyone in the staffing industry about a wide range of topics. Luckily, most of the events are now streaming online, so if you had to miss the conference, you can do some catching up. Here are some of the major takeaways from the four-day event.

The dominance of VMS
Like it or not, vendor management systems are here to stay. As a side note, found that about half of Fortune 500 companies use one. In his keynote speech, “Why Everything You Knew About Staffing is Wrong,” Barry Asin, President of Staffing Industry Analysts, discussed a misconception that may be on everyone’s mind: that VMS has ruined the staffing industry. While it has absolutely changed the industry, not all of this evolution is for the worse. According to Asin, the growth of VMS has actually increased usage of contingent workforce. Other speakers discussed how to deal with the issue of increased competition as a result of VMS and ideas for dealing with this issue.

The changing workforce
We’ve all heard murmurings of the “freelance economy.” More employees are choosing to control their own employment, whether as freelancers or contractors. This is causing shifts in organizational needs when it comes to managing talent. The staffing industry may finally move toward “total talent management,” which integrates flex work, contingent labor and traditional employees under one umbrella. In Asin’s keynote, he highlighted the fact that very few companies manage total talent holistically.

Innovation and technology
It seems as though technology has been at the forefront of conversations for many years now, but with continuous improvements being made in all corners of the industry, technology is always a top talking point. The right staffing software is essential, especially in a market that is growing more competitive, with greater client needs. In the current landscape, technology is deeply intertwined with technology. According to Gary Hamel, in his keynote address, innovation is everything. Hamel argues recruiters should start seeking out innovation as a core competency and even attempt? to hone it over time.

Overall, the various sessions, which are available for download, provide great ideas for staffing firms to leverage for continued success.

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