Dreamforce attendees can seek lodging on Salesforce’s Dreamboat

Nolan Gray Market Trends, Staffing

Dreamforce 2015 is coming this fall, and we're already getting excited. The conference takes place Sept. 15 to Sept. 18 in San Francisco. The event is already so big that finding a hotel room is becoming an issue. However, given that Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff grew up in the city, the company has strong ties to San Francisco and is reluctant to move the conference elsewhere. Unfortunately, with the number of attendees growing each year, placing each out of town visitor in a room is even harder than, say, finding top digital talent without the use of an effective applicant tracking software.

Solving the lodging challenge
According to Business Insider, 135,000 visitors registered for Dreamforce in 2014, which can stretch the resources of local hotels. Luckily, the Salesforce team is aware that rooming is at a premium, so it has developed a solution to the problem – a cruise ship.

Salesforce partnered with Celebrity Cruises to charter a luxury cruise ship, which will be known as the Dream Boat throughout the course of the conference. If you can't find a hotel room, there may be room for you on the Dream Boat, which will dock at Pier 7 in San Francisco during the event. The Dream Boat is an attractive option, especially if you've never had the pleasure of being on a cruise boat before. Rooms start at $250 per night and run to $850 per night. Commodities include wireless Internet access and a computer lounge equipped with 20 Apple computers and a printer, according to CBS San Francisco.  

Preparing for the conference
Every year, Dreamforce is packed with insight and innovation. In fact, according to the conference website, most attendees experience increases in return on investment across the board after visiting. It's likely that recruiters will gain some knowledge they can take back to their companies, whether it's related to new applicant tracking platforms or social recruiting strategies. You will be able to visit Jobscience at our Dreamforce Headquarters, the Press Club. Click here to register for our pre-conference reception.

To make the most out of your experience, start researching which sessions you want to attend now, and of course, begin looking for a place to stay if you're coming from out of town. We're looking forward to seeing you there!

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