Employer branding

Maximizing Your Employer Brand for Recruiting

Jeremy Market Trends

In a survey conducted by Robert Half, 62 percent of chief financial officers reported struggling to find professionals with the right skills to fill open positions. To operate at peak effectiveness and efficiency, companies need high-quality employees, but that can be a challenge in a job market where there’s heavy competition for the most qualified individuals. As a result, many companies are discovering that updating their employer brand is an essential part of their plans for long-term growth.

Building an exceptional reputation as an employer in today’s labor marketplace takes a strategic approach and advanced tools. One way to make the organization’s appeal to workers a top priority is by using robust staffing software to pave the way for the company’s future and grow the business.

What makes an employer brand stand out

A strong employer brand is one of the most powerful assets a company can have. While the workplace cultures at giants like Amazon, Google and Southwest Airlines are well-known beyond their immediate industries, a positive reputation is just as important for small-to-medium-sized businesses and staffing agencies. According to a study from LinkedIn, 72 percent of worldwide recruitment leaders cited employer brand as having a significant impact on their hiring results.

The report suggested that attention to branding boosts recruitment efforts in a variety of ways, including:

  • Cutting the cost-per-hire by half.
  • Speeding the hiring process.
  • Attracting 50 percent more qualified candidates.
  • Reducing turnover by 28 percent.

When a company is known as a positive environment to work in that treats employees fairly, skilled candidates are more likely to apply for openings and respond enthusiastically to recruitment efforts. Reaching that status goes beyond salary and benefits – though compensation is always important – and involves factors such as opportunities for advancement, work-life balance and a sense of security. Spreading the word about these strengths can make a big difference when the company is trying to find great people to join the team.

Taking steps to bolster your brand

Organizations use many different means to build their employer brand. Among the most important is maintaining a base of satisfied employees and providing incentives for them to reach out to others through a referral program. Reaching a wider audience of qualified people, however, calls for a concerted effort that draws on the powerful tools available through advanced recruitment software.

For employers to catch the best workers, they have to think like savvy marketers, showing off their identity and making it as simple as possible to communicate. Setting up a branded job board offers a clear starting point for hiring efforts and provides applicants with a sense of how your company is striving to grow. When organizations establish an online community around their recruitment mission, it’s simple for interested candidates to track opportunities and get in touch.

Direct contact through email and an active presence on social media are huge parts of how potential employees learn about a company and its personnel. Organizations need to pay attention to the online conversation around their brand and be open to communication through multiple channels. Using social recruiting tools allows a company to make the most of the information available on professional profile pages and engage passive candidates who may have the ideal background for a job.

Jobscience brings businesses and staffing professionals the resources they need to create a strong employer brand, save time to hire and streamline recruitment. They gain a platform that’s fully integrated into Salesforce and features an array of tools to build an online recruitment presence, source candidates and find the right match for every job. With the right software, an organization is positioned to take on today’s staffing challenges and make its name as a top employer of choice.