Jerry Maquire

The “Jerry Maguire” economy is about more than the money

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In the 1996 film “Jerry Maguire,” the title character is driven from a cushy post at a sports agency by the realization that he is not doing all he can for his clients. Jerry wants to live up to his promises, delivering quality work and treating the professional athletes he represents as people, not just means to an end. If you employ contingent labor, you might be able to relate to his dilemma.

Today’s hiring professionals are adapting to a gig economy in which it’s essential to make fast, high-quality matches between open positions and individuals with the right skills and experience. At the same time, the staffers and recruiters who truly stand out are the ones who form long-term relationships with contractors over the course of multiple placements, making them feel like respected professionals. The Jobscience Hiring Logistics interface makes it possible to do both, efficiently putting temporary employees to work while establishing improved lines of communication and freeing up time to build personal connections.

Maximizing the candidate experience

Workers’ expectations for contingent employment have changed with the times and technology. Employees feel that all the information they need to get on the job should be readily available on a mobile device and updated in real time. To bring workers the kind of experience they have come to expect, staffing software needs to be easy to use and convenient.

Helping temporary workers feel engaged and appreciated starts from when they first spot a job listing. Hiring Logistics makes it quick and simple for candidates to get started, creating a contact record in under a minute. Once they’re assigned to a position, workers keep their schedules on track by using the intuitive interface to set and adjust their availability while the system auto-generates an individualized calendar.

Connecting with workers

Clear, direct and regular communication is the basis for any productive relationship. That certainly applies to recruiters, who can do a better job of managing temporary employees when they stay in touch. Hiring Logistics offers the means to connect instantly with clients and workers across multiple sites.

With a real-time dashboard, the hiring professional knows right away if additional personnel are needed at a particular location or if an employee files a request for a schedule change. A mapping application allows real-time monitoring, so hiring professionals know whether employees started the day on time and can make any necessary adjustments. Instant messaging built into the interface allows seamless check-ins at any point in the day.

JobscienceStaffing professionals can receive real-time updates from employees.

Making the time for better relationships

For staffers and hiring managers, the ability to form ongoing relationships with qualified, reliable workers is invaluable. A recruitment software solution facilitates those bonds, streamlining the process of getting workers into roles with auto-matching and tools for speedily handling compliance and payroll. Fewer hours spent filling out paperwork and sorting through resumes means more time for the human touch.

Powerful recruiting software makes it so recruiters never have to worry about Jerry Maguire’s dilemma. By making faster and more successful matches between employers and workers, hiring professionals can cultivate trust on all sides. A staffer gains the time and resources to answer questions promptly, take individual preferences into consideration and go the extra mile to keep workers happy and coming back.

Building lasting relationships with contingent employees in the “Jerry Maguire” economy is not just about showing them the money. Forging strong bonds that last through multiple placements calls for giving each individual the time, attention and communication that shows he or she is truly appreciated. That kind of investment in people pays major dividends for a staffing agency or employer in the long term.