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How to Leverage Technology so Job Candidates Can Find You

Jeremy Products & Technology

Businesses and staffing agencies are facing the question of how to find the next crop of exceptional employees to fill roles that demand specialized skills. A study conducted by Third Way projected worsening shortages ahead for roles in technology, professional and business services, healthcare, education, and manufacturing. As the situation evolves, it will become increasingly important for organizations of all kinds to reassess their hiring processes and find a more agile, effective approach.

Employers have numerous tools at their disposal for sourcing employees and learning more about them, and it’s important to make wise use of those resources. However, often the best way to find great workers is not to go looking, but to have them come to you. With a combination of updated strategies, sophisticated recruitment software and appealing engagement, organizations can consistently attract top talent.

Creating a powerful brand

“Marketing the organization is essential.”

Corporations and staffing agencies garner the interest of highly skilled jobseekers by investing in their employer brand. An organization’s workplace culture and interactions with potential new hires have important ramifications for how it is perceived. Positive social media conversations and highly engaged hiring professionals go a long way to bolster the image of a business and draw in quality applicants.

Marketing the organization is an essential part of meeting this pressing challenge. That can mean developing thoughtful, carefully targeted email campaigns that reach out to people with the right background and encourage them to get in touch with a staffing agency. Marketing the brand may also involve putting more focus on current employees through social media, showing off personnel who are capable and take pride in what they do.

Universum surveyed over 2,000 CEOs and executives in 18 countries to assess what’s ahead for these efforts. According to the study’s authors, a business can improve its employer brand by:

  • Surveying target audiences about their current awareness and perception of the organization.
  • Establishing an Employee Value Proposition based on the company’s greatest advantages.
  • Spreading the word about the positive things that happen in the workplace on a daily basis.
  • Informing all departments about why the brand is important and what they can do to help.

Optimizing recruitment process through automation

With robust, data-driven staffing software, HR departments and recruiters are empowered to find better candidates and move them speedily through the hiring process. Streamlined tools to contact individuals with the necessary background and get the word out about the company can be a huge help for drawing interest. As progress in artificial intelligence makes these tools smarter and more effective, they are revealing fresh possibilities for catching the attention of talent and getting them on the job.

Auto-matching brings hiring professionals immediate insight into which job seekers have the right combination of education, experience, and skills to be successful in a role. By ranking the potential hires in the organization’s database based on customizable criteria, the system establishes a more efficient approach. In turn, abbreviated interview processes targeted at the best available workers are good for the organization’s reputation.

Powerful recruitment software gives hiring professionals the edge in today’s gig economy. With the ability to find just-in-time talent and automatically place contingent workers on the schedule across multiple sites, an agency meets the demands of a fast-paced marketplace. Those results get people talking and encourage more workers to come knocking.

Engaging with talent over the long-term

The most important thing HR specialists and recruiters can do to lure in job applicants is to form personal connections. They expand the organization’s talent network and support the brand by engaging via social media or just picking up the phone. Forming lasting relationships pays off in the long term with referrals and multiple job placements.

A personal approach can be especially important when attempting to catch the attention of passive candidates. These individuals may not be actively looking for a job at the moment, but a friendly initial contact through social media can often come to fruition down the line. Hiring professionals must know where to find qualified people online and make their presence known.

As a platform for industrialized recruitment processing, Jobscience helps hiring professionals to develop valuable connections and frees up their time for engaging with talent. Advanced technology fueled by data science optimizes the hiring process and contributes to making a company a place where top workers want to pursue their careers.