Increase user adoption with applicant tracking software system

How to Increase User Adoption for Your Applicant Tracking System

Nolan Gray Tips & Tricks

An applicant tracking system is effective only when the entire team uses it. These tools have capabilities that dramatically increase the efficiency of your team and provide great insights you can use to improve sales and pipeline. On the other hand, if your team reverts back to the spreadsheets it used before, all of these useful tools go to waste. Making sure your staff embraces your new ATS can be a challenge, but it’s important to prioritize adoption if you really want to make the most of your recruiting tools. Here are some ideas:

Keep it simple
Applicant tracking software like Jobscience’s can be configured to meet the requests of any organization. There are a large number of workflows you can implement to meet unique requirements. However, not all businesses have the same needs, and within your organization, not all users have the same requirements of a system either. To keep the software as user-friendly as possible, eliminate anything users don’t need on a frequent basis from their home screens. Similarly, consider how long it takes for each end user to find the screens they are looking for. If it takes more than a few clicks, reconfigure the set up to make it move more quickly.

Train and train some more
Even the most user-friendly software won’t be intuitive to everyone who uses it. Don’t assume you can just bring new applicant tracking software into your organization and that everyone will automatically be on board. Plan out an initial training program to get everyone accustomed to the new platform. Expect to have consistent training afterward, as well. Jobscience consistently innovates and introduces new tools; you want to make sure your whole team takes advantage!

“Train users when Jobscience adds new features.”

Have a power user or admin
Staff will always have questions about the software’s features. Some companies choose to hire an administrator for their applicant tracking software. This prevents your staff from leaning too heavily on the IT department, which already has plenty to do. Another option is to outsource consulting services. Finally, as Cirrus Insight pointed out, you may want to identify a power user who staff can turn to for help.

Focus on data quality
Make sure all the data that goes into the system is accurate and high-quality. When sales reps log into the platform and attempt to contact potential clients, they will become frustrated if the information is incorrect. If it happens consistently, they will lose their faith in the platform. To avoid this, invest in solutions to clean up data as it’s entered. Encourage employees to double-check information is correct before putting it in and check for errors afterward. Also, have staff use the “Find Duplicates” button to see if the information is already in the system.

Make it a game

Sometimes, to amp up user adoption, you need to make the platform fun. I know what you’re thinking – CRM-based applicant tracking is pretty fun already! But if you encourage staff to increase adoption through friendly competition, your team will be more likely to participate. Offer incentives like gift cards or complimentary happy hours to employees who use the ATS the most frequently. You may even want to consider creating a “wall of shame” to showcase all the staff members who haven’t logged into the platform recently.

We’ve designed Jobscience to have everything recruiters need to find talent and make placements, and we add new features all the time. But the best features are useless if your team doesn’t use them. When you implement applicant tracking software, be sure to make user adoption a priority.