Wrapping up Electronic Recruiting Exchange Conference – Fall Edition (#ERE14)

Nolan Gray Corporate Recruiting, Staffing

Some might believe Chicago got its famous moniker of the “Windy City” for the gales that rush across Lake Michigan. While it can indeed get windy on the lakefront, the name actually comes from the city’s notorious history of long-winded politicians and all the talk coming from a then-developing Chicago boosting the city’s profile to rival metropolises like New York City.

The tradition of talking was not lost on the fall edition of ERE14, held in the city in mid-September, and which just wrapped up. The conference brought together leading minds and analysts of the recruiting world to talk about some of the most pressing issues facing the industry.

Some of the hottest talking points included branding (the subject of no fewer than three points on the agenda) and the deepening of the relationship between recruiter and applicant.

The latter point was stressed by Tim Sackett, an HR professional and personality, in his blog commenting on some of the themes of ERE14. Sackett specifically spoke about “expectations” and what recruiters need to do to ensure their efforts are on par with candidates’ needs. The relationship is far from being surface-level, and Sackett surmised that recruiters need to continually step up their game in that arena to land top talent.

One new viewpoint that emerged from the conference was that brainteasers in the interview process are a waste of time and have the potential to actually turn candidates off. Better strategies to take are presenting candidates with applicable problems to the current workforce.

The importance of hiring veterans was another major subject of discussion at the conference. As were the challenges involved with that endeavor for both the hiring company and the candidate. One lauded presentation at ERE14 was put on by Charles Schwab Managing Director of Talent Acquisition Ryan Kosowky titled “If You Build It, Veterans Will Come” and brought the many weighty issues in veteran hiring to the table.