Working Smarter with Hiring Managers

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The skills shortage and increasingly candidate-focused job market can both put a damper on a recruiting department's effectiveness. However, according to the 2014 McQuaig Global Talent Recruitment Survey, there are other issues lurking in corporate recruiting that are making the task harder than it might be.

According to the survey, finding qualified candidates and finding people with the right technical skills are the two biggest challenges in recruiting. However, the third is getting hiring managers to make time for interviews – and another is getting agreement from hiring managers and other stakeholders. This is a serious issue, and appears to impact many recruiters. One of talent acquisition's great tasks, then, is to engage hiring managers in the recruitment process. Expecting hiring managers to alter the way they do their own work without changes from recruiting is unlikely to work. Here are two tips to improve the relationship between recruiting leaders and hiring managers with the goal of making talent acquisition faster and better in mind:

Brush Up on Project Management Skills
A blog entry at Recruiter suggests talent acquisition staff should become great project managers to help get buy-in and useful feedback from hiring managers. A kick-off meeting with clear timelines may be a good idea – the trick here is not to give orders, but to make it clear that a certain schedule will lead to the best outcomes and have hiring managers happy to participate for this reason. Pre-booking interviews days before a hiring manager's schedule becomes too cluttered to work with may also be ideal. Consider also sending a weekly progress report to the hiring manager so he or she feels completely involved in the hiring process, rather than alienated and only asked for specific input.

Use the Best Applicant Tracking Software
Recruiting departments need to have top-tier applicant tracking software. CRM-based recruitment software has features that can help mitigate the significant frustrations involved in recruiting. Collaboration tools make it easy to send a resume over to a hiring manager for review, and to include any relevant notes with that resume. The hiring manager can then take a look at the documents he or she has received from anywhere with an Internet connection, including a smartphone. Giving hiring managers the chance to do their work even when they're out of the office or in the middle of grabbing lunch can make time-based pressures less of an issue. When a department uses the latest and best in recruiting software, talent acquisition problems can disappear.

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