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Why it’s time to ditch Craigslist for good

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Too many recruiters still rely on Craigslist for hiring. Why is this a bad idea? Simply put, it's not where the qualified applicants live and not an effective way to find great talent. Here are a few reasons to reconsider posting your job opening to Craigslist.

Too many applicants
Craigslist isn't built for recruiting; it's built for desperation. According to its statistics page, the website receives more than 50 billion page views each month. In other words, when companies needed to hire someone yesterday, they can throw a job post on Craigslist and be sure that hundreds of people will see it. Voila – they will soon have a warm body in the position, but is it likely that person is the best fit they could have found? Generally, no. The overwhelming response rate from Craigslist posts forces many recruiters to come up with strategies to weed out candidates, such as requiring very specific instructions for the actual application.

fishing image Are you waiting for talent to bite?

Are you fishing or hunting?
Recruiters are looking for top talent no matter what approach they take. However, certain methods are more conducive to finding the right people. Craigslist is for fishers. On Craigslist, recruiters dangle a lure and see who bites. This can be one hundred people or more. Conversely, you could use a site like LinkedIn and chase after the big game rather than waiting for them to come to you. LinkedIn is full of applicants just waiting for the right offer to come their way. Don't wait for talent to bite; go after the right person.

Get extra insight
LinkedIn is a job board, yes, but it's so much more than that. LinkedIn has algorithms and features that help you find great talent more effectively. You may have plenty of inbox hacks to deal with the influx of Craigslist email, but they are nowhere near as effective as LinkedIn's search and organizational tools. LinkedIn allows you to see connections you share with candidates, which can help you determine a good fit. The platform also shows you similar candidates, so you can hunt even more easily. Can Craigslist do that?

Integrate with ATS
LinkedIn is a great recruiting tool, but it's only one step of the process. It works even better in combination with your applicant tracking software. Jobscience's recruiting software integrates with LinkedIn to pull and compare vital information from candidates to choose between them more effectively. This is especially useful during the final qualification stage when you've narrowed your choice down to just a few people. Then, you can review extra information from LinkedIn using a visualization feature we call the J-Card, helping you narrow it down even further.

It's time to quit Craigslist for good and invest in platforms that will save you time and money. You will also be rewarded with better talent, which is what recruiting is all about.

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