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The Perfect Holiday Gift for Hiring Professionals

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Every holiday season, we hear a lot about the fantastic attributes of Santa Claus. His astonishingly productive manufacturing operation turns out toys for all the good children of the world, and he has the fulfillment resources to deliver all those packages in a single night. Perhaps most impressive, however, is the level of visibility he has into whether kids have been naughty or nice throughout the year, determining whether he delights them with a new bicycle or scolds them with a lump of coal.

Hiring professionals may not be quite as magical as old St. Nick, but they often wield the power to bring joy and prosperity to the lives of new employees. If they had Santa’s ability to see all and immediately tell which applicants met the requirements for every job, they would be able to accomplish some astonishing feats of their own. Advanced recruitment software comes close when it’s powered by artificial intelligence and designed to bring the many tasks involved in hiring together on a single platform.

Extend holiday greetings through an online recruitment community

“Hiring professionals need to find opportunities to gather people together.”

The holidays are all about people coming together, enjoying a big family meal and exchanging presents with friends. Hiring professionals also need to find opportunities to gather people together. By developing a strong online community around a branded job board, organizations invite potential workers to get to know the business and submit key information, even if they’re not currently seeking a new position.

In a survey of 153 North American recruiters from Hudson RPO, over 57 percent said they felt passive candidates were generally of higher quality than active ones. Still, HR specialists and recruiters often don’t pursue these individuals because there’s too great an investment of time and effort involved. Marketing an appealing employer brand and making it simple for potential applicants to get in touch with an organization takes a lot of the work out of engaging candidates, even if they’re not currently on the job market.

With the capability to build a job board on Salesforce Communities, hiring professionals can go even further in creating a unified experience for employees, contractors, and vendors. From a single hub, they offer an efficient application process and a time entry system. Everything recruiters and staffers need to market opportunities and put candidates to work can be integrated into one place.

Deliver happiness all year with a smarter hiring process

The U.S. headed into the holiday season with an unemployment rate of 4.1 percent as of the end of November. However, many businesses still face challenges in finding workers with the right skills to fill crucial positions, driving up the costs of hiring new employees by 36 percent over the past five years, according to the Society for Human Resource Management. Lengthy hiring processes can be bad news for overall productivity and growth, making it vital for hiring professionals to find and engage high-quality candidates quickly.

An AI-driven matching system brings recruiters the agility to move at the speed of Santa’s sleigh, gaining immediate insight into what workers in their databases meet their requirements. A customizable candidate scoring system goes beyond sorting everyone into two piles, taking into account all the skills, experience and education that would be nice to have. Automated messaging informs qualified people right away if a hiring professional would like to set up a phone screen.

Receive the gift of time

Anyone who works in HR or recruitment has spent days sorting through applications to locate people who fit the needs of their organization and filling out the paperwork associated with the hiring process. The best gift these professionals could ask for this holiday season would be more time to focus on other aspects of their jobs. Cutting down on administrative tasks allows hiring specialists to devote more of their work hours to engage with candidates and new employees, making the connections that facilitate long-term success.

Jobscience was created to give recruitment experts the data and flexibility they need to do their work more effectively. With key hiring functions unified on a platform that’s fully integrated into Salesforce, HR departments and staffers gain a Santa’s-eye view of every step along the way to bringing new employees on board. The next generation of staffing software is the gift that keeps giving well after the holiday season is over.