Take Your Employer Branding to the Next Level

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Attracting top talent – and ensuring top talent responds positively to contact from recruiters during sourcing – depends on employer branding. There’s a lot more to good employer branding than just a social media campaign or an attractive careers page, however. Recruiters should make sure they stay on top of employer branding in all aspects of their work, and constantly evaluate their strategies. It’s necessary to be open to changing what doesn’t work and to taking some risks to remain a standout brand for prospective candidates.

Are You Specific Enough?
On the topic of employee testimonial videos, which are often a component of employer branding strategies, ERE.net notes there aren’t many standouts. Searching YouTube for “employee testimonials” will yield a lot of very similar projects, according to the source. The way to avoid this problem is to be specific and concrete, ERE.net says. Messages are easy to forget when they speak about the general, but will stick in the mind if they’re specific.

Getting specific can take many forms. One is using examples to underline points a company’s employer branding is trying to make. For instance, if an employer wants to demonstrate its commitment to helping workers develop and advance in their careers, an interview with someone who has been able to take advantage of these opportunities to move up the ladder is better than a statement about development and internal promotions.

Another standout strategy is storytelling, which is popular in marketing and advertising right now. Recruiting is similar to these fields, and employer branding strategists can learn a lot from how companies brand themselves for marketing purposes. People remember stories more than mottos or statistics, as marketing professionals know. Recruiters should leverage this tendency by identifying the core attributes of their employer brands and finding examples that illustrate them. These examples can be used in many contexts, from videos to text-based posts and even at job fairs.

Is Your Branding Consistent?
One of the driving goals for employer branding is to help a company become unforgettable to its prospective candidates. Just as specificity lends itself better to being remembered, so does consistency. A gap in employer branding can lead to prospects simply forgetting where they heard that great story, or which company had the Twitter feed they really enjoyed. Consistency is important not only in ensuring a brand is memorable, but also in creating a solid brand to begin with. Successful branding takes time, and all of the efforts over that period of time must be consistent.

Consistency doesn’t mean constantly repeating the same words, of course – it does, however, require a firm brand message that underlies all branding activity, according to marketing agency Barcelona Creative’s blog. Recruiters likely already have a brand message for their companies, whether or not they regard it in those terms. The brand message is how the company wants others to see it – what recruiters really want prospects to remember.

Being consistent requires speaking from a place where the brand message is central. It also means getting and keeping all visuals consistent. This reinforces the brand message on a different level than words can. Consistent visuals should emerge on the company’s careers page, of course, but there are also other locations where they are important. For example, if a company’s applicant tracking system has a candidate-facing component, it needs to contain the same visuals other materials do. This requires recruiting software that allows for the amount of personalization necessary for consistent visual presentation.

With specificity and consistency, employer branding can become much more than a general idea – it can transform into a concrete impression of a company that candidates retain.

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